Improving Community Safety Through Venue Entry Technology

Nightlife protection via venue entry technology

Australia’s hospitality bounces back to ‘business as usual’ post-COVID, drawing patrons to nightlife. Priorities shift to venue entry ID verification, managing antisocial behavior, and ensuring patron safety, reemphasizing these concerns on the agenda.

Bar owners prioritize safety; local governments support venues in enhancing security for patrons, ensuring community safety remains a priority.

In this article, we explore the ways in which the Queensland Government is taking steps to improve the accountability and safety of patrons within their local community, with Scantek’s technology proudly being a part of the overall solution.

Queensland’s Safe Night Precinct (SNP)

Nightlife venue owners in Queensland’s Safe Night Precincts are familiar with QUANTEM report evaluating TAFV policy, addressing alcohol-related violence.

The report breaks down into three categories: Safety, Drinking Culture, and Impact On Business, evaluating the changes and improvements needed to ensure patrons are safer while out and about on the town.

The report is produced every two years, and in the most recent 2019 report, some notable improvements surfaced after introducing new proactive measures to mitigate the risk at nightlife venues within the local community.

In a recent media release, the improvements were celebrated by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, who reiterated that “The safety of Queenslanders is our top priority.”

Improving venue entry technology bar safety

The Steps Taken To Improve Community Safety

It has taken the Queensland Government a wide array of technologies, policies, personnel and creative thinking to tackle the challenge of improving community safety.

Queensland government implements 3 am alcohol service halt, TAFV legislation, and mandatory ID scanners in Safe Night Precincts, per reports.

Whilst venue entry ID scanning has traditionally been seen as a cumbersome process, it is here where Scantek’s revolutionary ID scanner for nightclubs and venues is taking nightlife venues by storm.

Venue Entry Made Simple

Mandatory ID verification in Queensland Safe Night Precinct makes fast, efficient scanning crucial for venue managers in nightlife establishments.

Scantek, a trusted SNP provider for 4+ years, proudly supplies Queensland government with Venue Entry Solution—handheld tech for verifying patron identities at nightlife venues.

Scantek’s tech transforms venue access, cuts wait times, and deters antisocial behavior; CEO Ches Rafferty praises success in Queensland.

Outside of Queensland, Scantek is also working with other states on similar ID verification initiatives such as the work with the Government of Western Australia’s Banned Drinkers’ Register, covered in detail in press release.

To get an idea of how the technology works, visit our venue entry technology page for full details, or get in touch and we’ll walk you through how it can specifically help your business.

venue entry technology ID verification protecting bar patrons

ID Verification Saves Lives

In the 2019 QUANTEM report, Scantek’s venue entry ID verification solution is recognized for contributing to significant improvements in community safety.

Enhancements occurred from 3 am-6 am, a critical time for serious incidents. Local authorities are particularly concerned about community safety.

Some of the key outcomes from the 2019 report were:

  • 29% reduction per month statewide in serious assaults between 3 am and 6 am.
  • 40% reduction in Fortitude Valley safe night precincts with a significant reduction in the Toowoomba safe night precincts.
  • 29% reduction in ambulance callouts in safe night precincts between 3am and 6am, and an 11% average reduction statewide.
  • 12% reduction in hospital admissions.
  • 4% average reduction per month statewide of at least one serious crime (including rape and grievous bodily harm) per week.

Minister Fentiman celebrated positive Safe Night Precinct report, promising additional funds for further enhancements in safety and security measures.

Announcing $500,000 in grants for safe night precinct boards, ensuring a secure and enjoyable nightlife experience for Queenslanders.

We’ve balanced reducing alcohol harm with easing regulations for hospitality and tourism, contributing to a positive outcome for both.

Nightlife protection via venue entry technology

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