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Our digital technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of Australian businesses. The Scantek ecosystem makes ID verification safe for businesses and their customers.

Steps to ID verification

What is Scantek?

Identity verification confirms that a person is who they say they are.

Scantek utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide rapid and secure online identity verification. Employing both native and web-based applications, Scantek swiftly analyzes and authenticates an individual’s identity within seconds. Moreover, this streamlined process ensures efficient and reliable results.

Users experience touchless verification as their identity documents are matched with facial biometrics and official verification sources.

Businesses receive precise results to inform decisions on customer onboarding. Furthermore, at each stage, data is securely encrypted, ensuring the utmost protection for your information.

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Leveraging artificial intelligence, we’ve eliminated human error in the authentication process.

Easy scans

Regardless of your customer’s geographic location, they can be fully verified using the camera on their device. The app guides them through screen captures of the primary and secondary identity documents they need. Smart software captures images quickly and clearly, counteracting glare and blur.

Our app uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to find print or written text in document images, converting it into data for digital processing. It’s all done automatically, preventing user error from manual input.

Drivers Licences Example
Facial Recognition

Liveness checks

To ensure the genuine person is present—or ‘live’—the app guides the user through a random sequence of head movements for a few seconds. This biometric liveness check prevents an imposter from using a photograph or video of someone else as proof of identity. 

With over 6,000 unique movement sequences, fraudulent tricks like holding a recorded video of another person in front of the camera, would never pass the test.

Our AI compares the face on the identity document to the face in the screen captures. It’s a highly technical measurement using millions of machine-learned micro-comparisons for accuracy. You receive a confidence score on the match, enabling you to make business decisions with certainty. Stolen documents are exposed at this point, putting a stop to identity theft.

Detailed authentication

We go a step further to access industry-specific identity checks. Among others, our app complies with Acceptable Means of Compliance and AUSTRAC’s requirements for:

  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Anti-money laundering and Counter-terrorism
  • Know Your Customer

Unlike some verification services that take days to perform manual authentications, Scantek can complete the entire process from scan to results within seconds.

Face scan for Australian business ID verification
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Why the app is used

The cost of verifying customers can escalate quickly, especially if your organisation checks large numbers of people daily. 

The cost of inadequate verification is worse, as it exposes you to the risk of identity fraud, which eats into your profits. 

Scantek provides a simple, fully digital solution that eludes the costs of paperwork and personnel, while providing more accurate results. No need to lose money on expensive overheads or time-consuming processes—one app does it all.

There’s nothing worse than a customer moving to a competitor because your complex verification steps frustrated them. Physically producing the right documents, visiting an office, and giving private information to a stranger are obstacles both you and your customer would love avoid.

With our fully digital system, customers can scan identity documents or complete their verification from the comfort of home, saving both of you time and creating convenience.

We’ve also taken out the ‘wait’ factor. By eliminating the need for manual processing, documents don’t rely on a worker’s availability for authentication. Automated AI technology is instantly at work: verification is complete within seconds, rather than hours or days.

Scantek guarantees protection from fraud and data breaches through a highly sensitive app, utilizing data-driven insights for risk identification. The verification process is streamlined, ensuring customer data remains secure with an accessible digital audit trail.

Scantek technology is widely regarded as Australia’s safest, most reliable form of identity verification.

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How Scantek’s ecosystem works

Identity verification is more than a sequence of steps. Over the years, we’ve advanced with technology trends to build a dynamic verification ecosystem which is continually advancing. This supports your streamlined experience as you use the app.

Here’s what you get from the work we do behind the scenes.

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Intelligent authentication

Our app automatically screens and classifies documents, extracting relevant information. Bypassing the need for human training, it independently tests identity documentation against our data sources, and certifies authenticity. Results are easy to read and interpret.

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Powerful analytics

With the app’s capacity to process thousands of documents daily, you’ll quickly receive the information you need to make informed decisions. Track customer trends, adjust marketing strategies or reward loyalty using insights from built-in data analytics.

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Seamless integration

Set up Scantek technology instantly. It seamlessly integrates with your organisation’s systems through a single secure API, or you can use the Scantek Software Development Kit (SDK) for immersive integration with your software and business processes.

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Clever Technology

Scantek is a leader in deep learning-based image processing, cutting-edge biometric technology, and data science. Our proficiency in artificial intelligence experience and recruitment of the brightest minds in technological innovation have been protecting businesses for over a decade.

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Secure storage

We’re committed to the highest standards of data security. Choose your preferred secure storage method, whether it’s within our secure AWS infrastructure or your own data environment, and we’ll make sure it remains private and safe.


Customer support

No matter your company size, our customer support team is here to get you up to speed and help out where necessary. Our team offers in-depth knowledge of our ecosystem and provides support in troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrading.

You can depend on our technology

We keep up to date with best practice for maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. None of your customer data is handled by a human, and since we store all data on Australian servers, you’re assured your customers’ personal information never leaves the country.


Our app fully meets industry criteria for reducing fraud in the marketplace. If your industry’s regulatory requirement for identity verification is not listed as a Scantek feature, let us know and we’ll work with you to develop additional capacity for future app releases.


Our technology recognises thousands of identity documents, both nationally and internationally. It reads all acceptable forms of identification in Australia, including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass and, Photo Cards) as well as Australian and International passports.


We’re an accredited Australian Government Gateway Service Provider. That gives us access to a comprehensive selection of government data sources for document verification.


We’re certified under ISO 27001 Information Security Management. Our service undergoes rigorous audits to ensure that all data entering our system remains private and safe.

Why Scantek?

We meet  your business needs

Every organization is unique. Moreover, we’ll assist you in choosing the appropriate technology and features tailored to your needs, seamlessly integrating them into your existing environment.

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We tailor solutions to suit the level of identity verification you need by adding or removing features.



Once you’re set up, we’re here to provide support and maintenance as you need it.

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We’ve provided many years of service as trusted providers for government departments and large corporations.

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