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Seamless onboarding for an improved customer experience

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect everything to be quick and easy. Without adaptation, your business could fall behind the pack. Digitalisation is the only solution. 

What’s more, identifying documents in-person can lead to human error. That’s why our 100% digital document recognition software is the only way to ensure accuracy and security for your business.

So whether you want to confirm the originality of a document or you want to ensure the legitimacy of the documents owner – our digital application is the fastest and easiest way of getting this done, giving your legitimate customers a seamless experience whilst keeping the fraudsters out.

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Ease of use

Our advanced software is fully digital which means document verification can be completed at your place of business, at your customer’s home – or anywhere. 

Our solution is accessible in both an application and on a web/mobile browser, so your customer can choose whichever format suits them best. 

Plus, we have the capability to send a text message directly to your customer’s phone with the setup link, making it even easier to access.


Digital application

Use an iOS or Android app or a web browser to access the Scantek app instantly



Use our SDK and API’s to build our solution into your existing technology


Physical terminal

Use our custom-designed terminals for fast, accurate onsite scanning


Try the Scantek app

Test out the Scantek app for yourself on
either a web or native iOS or Android
mobile platform.


Venue entry verification solution
Document authentication verification app

Omni-channel solutions

Unlike other identification solutions, Scantek can be used on multiple devices – from mobile phones through to physical terminals. Whatever your preference, we have the right solution to suit your needs.

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Detailed authentication

After Scantek has completed verifying your documents, various checks can be completed – should your business require them.

All these checks are then available in our secure cloud environment, as reports or via API/JSON directly to your solution.

What's the latest?

Find out the latest in identification verification news over on the Scantek blog.

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