Scantek is Australia’s most popular ID scanning technology, with a range of devices available to suit venues of all sizes.

Scan an ID in just 3-5 seconds to increase patron numbers and revenue

SCANTEK is Australia’s most well-known ID scanning solution, currently trusted by more than 350 prestigious venues across Australia including ALH Group, Coles, Westfield, The Star and Crown Casino Group.

Our BST and IST kiosks can scan an ID in just 3-5 seconds, making it the quickest and easiest way to get patrons through the door and increase your revenue.

Scantek is easy to install and easy for staff to use. Our system has been designed with simplicity in mind, without a complicated interface or meaningless buttons, so minimal staff training is needed to get our solution up and running.

Detect fraudulent

Detect fraudulent or fake IDs and keep troublemakers out

Our intelligent scanner clearly flags up unwanted patrons, whether that means preventing underage entry and ID misuse or keeping out known troublemakers. We also have access to the largest ban list in Australia which we can be easily integrated into any existing software.

With our advanced fraud detection technology, operators will be quickly alerted to suspicious behavior including previous entry attempts and information to authorities can also be provided.

Our scanner tracks every person to enter your venue, so in the long term you can easily set up VIP lists, reward your loyal customers and even wish them a Happy Birthday.

A range of physical scanner kiosk sizes to suit your venue

Our physical scanner is available as a large standalone kiosk (IST), suitable for larger venues and a portable kiosk (BST), suitable for smaller patron numbers. From small bars, to hotels, to pubs and nightclubs and even casinos – we have a solution to suit everyone.

Our scanner can recognise and read all acceptable forms of identification in Australia including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass, Photo Cards) and passports (both Australian and International).


Scan an ID in
just 3-5 seconds

The fastest scan on the market means increased patron numbers and increased revenue

Icon instant-detect

Instantly detect fraudulent
or fake IDs

Keep out underage or banned patrons with our advanced fraud detection technology


Recognises all acceptable
forms of ID

All Australian and international document types recognised - and this list is constantly growing

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