How ID Scanners Can
Reduce Anti-Social
Behaviour In Your Venue

Addressing the challenge of anti-social behavior in Australian bars, clubs, and other venues involves implementing effective solutions like ID scanners in venues.

Troublemakers impact venues negatively by:

  • threatening patron safety
  • reducing the rate of repeat custom
  • wasting valuable staff time
  • requiring lengthy police investigations
  • These factors directly impact the profitability of a venue.

The question is: how can venues decrease incidents without hiring more staff?

Most solutions to anti-social behaviour are reactive, with solutions occurring only after the issues have taken place. Managers and staff need to either recognise a trouble-maker on sight or deal with a problem after it has occurred. These methods do little to prevent anti-social incidents.

ID scanners, on the other hand, offer a proactive approach to dealing with anti-social behavior. They can prevent incidents by blocking access to known troublemakers and identifying fake IDs.

The use of ID scanners is not new, but the latest models are faster, more accurate and easier to use. Each terminal only requires one operator and scanners are often networked, allowing information about violent patrons to be shared between establishments.

This is only one of many benefits that ID scanners offer to venues. In addition to quickly checking IDs, reducing fake ID usage, gaining customer insight, and assisting with promotions, ID scanners can help venues reduce anti-social incidents by up to 58% – without increasing staff costs.

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