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The all-new Scantek Venue Entry Solution.

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An innovative new ID scanner for clubs, nightclubs and bars.

Trusted by 100’s venues all across Australia, Scantek has become the sought-after ID scanner for nightclubs, bars and other nightlife venues.

The Ultimate ID Scanner For Nightclubs, Bars And Club Owners

Every nightlife venue owner understands the importance of ensuring the safety and security of their patrons whilst also operating an effective ID verification process for incoming guests – the challenge is, maintaining efficiency in a reliable process.

We are now entering a new generation of technology specifically designed for nightlife venues. Whether it’s dealing with underage patrons, previously banned patrons or patrons sharing IDs; there is a growing need for a handheld ID scanner for nightclubs, bars or other entertainment venues.

The good news is a solution is now available. 

Scantek Venue Entry

Scantek has spent the time to develop an all-in-one mobile solution specific to nightlife venue owners to ensure your patrons, staff, and license are safe and protected at all times.

How it works Instant ID Verification

Experience unprecedented speed, security and customer satisfaction

Our advanced technology ensures seamless scanning and verification of all ID types, including the QLD, NSW and AusPost Digital IDs. Our optical Character Recognition (OCR) makes finding and filtering essential details a breeze, saving you time and hassle.

With lightning-fast speed from 12 years of industry expertise, our locally developed venue entry solutions ensure swift, efficient operations.

Join the league of forward-thinking venue owners embracing the future of nightlife with Scantek by their side.

Our Secure, Fully Automated ID Scanner For Clubs

Our mobile-based venue entry technology combines optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to automate the ID capture process, saving you time and effort with an efficient solution specifically for nightlife venues. When it comes to using a tailored ID scanner for clubs and other hospitality venues, efficiency and speed becomes of paramount importance, which is why we have spent the time to develop a custom mobile-based technology to tick all of the boxes.

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What Makes Our Technology So Easy To Use?

Scantek’s ID scanner only takes two seconds to scan and record IDs such as a driver’s license or proof of age card. Quickly scanning IDs to single out underage and banned customers enables licensed venues to keep queues orderly and free-flowing. This is where most ID scanners for bars fail, as the process can be cumbersome and slow, leading to frustrated patrons in lengthy queues growing impatient with your door staff.

For a tailored ID scanner in nightlife venues, our exclusive mobile solution, native to nightclubs, streamlines access, understanding business owner needs.

Request a demo to experience the simplicity of our technology and its seamless implementation for effective venue entry solutions.

An Efficient Venue Entry Solution That Just Works

ID scanning can also be used to collect marketing information from IDs and drivers licences, which business owners can use to target specific demographics with promotions. 

Scantek’s unique ID scanning technology enables real-time patron tracking, enhancing resource management and cost savings for business owners.

Take a look at how the Queensland Government is improving patron safety through ID scanning technology within their Safe Night Precinct.

Intuitive Technology For Quick And Easy ID Scanning

Our bar ID scanner, designed for smarter business operations, facilitates bans management with swift creation, location, review, and removal.

If mobile ID scanner technology is a new concept to you, browse our blog to discover how this unique ID scanning technology is taking licensed venues by storm through improved efficiencies, security and patron safety.

Easy To Use ID Scanning In An Effective Mobile Solution

Our team is serious about counteracting identity theft and fraud. Experience unparalleled accuracy with our advanced ID scanning technology, providing results superior to other market products, all within seconds.

Proven ID scanning solution by our software team ensures speed and accuracy for clubs, casinos, and bars, optimizing efficiency.

Scantek, compatible with all identity types, including digital IDs, driver’s licenses, and age cards, is your essential verification system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our unique ID scanner technology has garnered interest from venue owners due to its effectiveness in nightlife venues, its unique data collection and storage methods, and its unique features.

Click below to explore some of the common questions we receive, or feel free to request a demo if you’d prefer to try a hands-on style approach to seeing what our technology can do.

ID scanning technology enhances customer service in licensed venues by identifying underage or fake customers at the entry point, ensuring smoother wait lines.

Bar ID scanners boost customer confidence, ensuring a safe environment by barring banned patrons from accessing licensed venues.

When banned patrons or underage customers attempt to access a licensed venue, our ID scanning technology will alert the nightclub staff. A maximum fine of $5,500 applies to customers who attempt to enter a nightclub or bar from which they are banned.

Custom nightclub ID scanner shields patrons from fines, legal action, safeguarding both their well-being and the venue’s license.

As our technology has been the trusted solution for an array of venue owners, we often get asked for support when patrons get banned from a venue. Whilst we/Scantek do not issue bans, nor do we have the capacity to change or reverse these, we have put together an article with advice and tips for banned patrons, which can be viewed here alongside our other Banned Patron FAQs.

ID scanners for clubs, bars and other hospitality establishments are a common part of the venue entry process. Scanned personal ID data is stored for 30 days, aiding authorities in suspect identification, crowd management, and crime reduction efforts.

Verify Digital Identity Quickly And Effectively

Scantek ensures ease by swiftly verifying thousands of identity documents, whether digital or physical, guaranteeing their authenticity effortlessly.

Scantek accepts and recognises any form of verified Identity, making it easy to know who is entering your venue. We don’t favour ID types – international, domestic and even our neighbouring territories; our solutions can scan them all.

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Australia's Largest ID Scanning Provider

Venue Entry Portal for Tablets

With over ten years in the identity verification industry, no one comes close to the extensive banned patron list we obtain. With over 30,000 active bans, Scantek is the only venue entry solution that can help you prevent patrons from ruining your night.

Our customer support spans four Australian states, ensuring efficient assistance and guiding you where necessary for optimal performance. Our team offers in-depth knowledge of our solutions and provides support in troubleshooting and fixing minor issues.

Privacy And Security Matter

Scantek leverages the very best in Data Centre technology ensuring the safety, security and scalability of Scanteks Venue Entry Solution. Partnering with AWS, simply connect the device to our servers for easy onboarding and scanning experience.

At every step, data is securely encrypted, keeping your information secure. We’re committed to the highest standards of data security. Choose your preferred secure storage method. Whether it’s within our secure AWS infrastructure or your data environment, we’ll make sure it remains private and safe.

Scantek ID verification at venue entry


Discover secure client verification in seconds

If your business needs fast and accurate patron’s identity verification, Scantek’s user-friendly, secure technology is a multifaceted solution. Download our Venue Entry Brochure to find out more.

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