Certificate Verification

No business needs the embarrassment of being caught with a phoney employee. Our technology lightens the load of certificate verification. Simple to use, it makes sure qualifications are authentic, and quickly uncovers falsified information.

Employee information for Certificate Verification

Is your star candidate an imposter?

Their resume may shine. But what if they’re not as qualified as they say they are? Can you afford not to check? If their claims are not true, your business could lose credibility. Operations could suffer from their incompetence. Or worse, they could harm someone, and leave you with legal liabilities in their wake.

Fast and simple certificate verification

Forward-thinking businesses verify certificates, licenses and registrations of their employees so they don’t need to worry about fraud. They’re assured of their team’s integrity and capabilities in daily operations.

But you already know that due diligence in recruitment takes time. Manual checking methods like phone calls, searching registration sites or contacting educational institutions, all chew up space in your calendar.

You might not have that time to spare. Especially if you’re facing staff shortages and need workers in position immediately.

You want a speedy way to do the job, but not at the cost of accuracy.

We understand the need for fast verification systems, which is why we’ve chosen a fully digital approach. Our technology takes shape around your business to help keep your reputation intact.

Certificate Verification Process

Cross off ‘credential checks’ from your To Do list. You have better ways to use your time.

We’ve automated the process. It’s streamlined to a few seconds, cutting out the paperwork and wait times that manual processes demand. We’ve harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to do the checking for you, so that you can get on with other tasks.

Do you need to show certificate verification to comply with industry regulations? Our app will cover those requirements.

But even if it’s not a compliance requirement, auditors will not look kindly on unsuitable qualifications if a worker’s competence is questioned. Especially if it caused an incident.

When you use our technology, your digital footprint gives you an auditable track record of completed verifications. Configure reporting to your specific requirements.

Manual verifications eat into your profits through administration costs and lead times. Not only that—the cost of hiring a fraud can add up quickly in customer complaints, legal tangles and penalty fines.

Our digital verification, by contrast, is fast and secure. Gain accurate insights into a potential employee within seconds. Plus, you’ll never mistakenly duplicate a verification again.

No more drain on admin staff. Reduce the risk of fraud shrinking your bottom line.

Decisions on who to welcome into your team are far easier when you can lean on accurate verification results. A simple check of certificate authenticity gives you peace of mind about the qualifications of:

    •  job applicants
    • employees requesting promotion
    • employees requesting compensation

Machine learning enables our app to digitally perform millions of micro-checks across any given document or identity. That makes it far more accurate than human checks could ever be.

Knowing without a doubt that someone is as competent as they say they are gives you confidence to go ahead.

Expose deceitful job applicants before you hire them and save yourself a world of hassle.

Our advanced technology cross-checks with relevant authorities to verify a range of certificates, including:

    • educational qualifications
    • professional registrations
    • vaccination status

Secure authentication processes working hard behind the scenes at Scantek will identify fabricated information in the time you take to get a coffee.

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Authenticate education claims

It takes hard work to earn a diploma or degree, and that qualification certificate is proof of a defined standard of competence. As an employer, you may make further decisions about the applicant based on this fundamental information.

But sometimes applicants are desperate. They can be tempted to list an incomplete degree or embellish their educational background on a resume, just to get the job.

To make sure your job candidates’ or employees’ qualifications are genuine, we authenticate certificates with the relevant educational institutions.

You’re assured that what you’re seeing is valid and has not been tampered with.

Medical qualification and registration

In the medical and healthcare fields especially, an inflated or fake qualification could lead to physical harm or even death. Professional registration bodies hold healthcare workers accountable. Their codes of conduct help keep the public safe.

As an employer, it’s essential to make sure your health workers’ qualifications are authentic, and their registrations valid. We get the importance of that. And our goal is to make it easy for you.

Our fast, simple certificate and registration verifications safeguard you from rogue workers by:

Our technology will expose unqualified medical staff who could land you in court.

Dr. Brown is searching for vaccinated
Certified Construction Worker

Industry and trade credentials

Your industry may have niche certification requirements. For example:

We build your requirements into your Scantek app. Tell us your registration or licensing verifications requirements and we’ll make the process quick and easy for you.

Vaccination status

Are COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory for your employees? Keeping track can be a job in itself. Vaccinations expire and booster shots are needed at different times for different individuals. And then there are medical exemption certificates that expire too.

We understand the complexities, and we’ve got you covered.

Simply add vaccinations to the list of certificates you need verified and you won’t need to think about it again. Automate reminders for vaccination boosters and you’re all set to stay on top of requirements.

Whether for new or existing employees, the process is just as easy.

See our Vaccination Solution

Vaccine certificates

Why Scantek?

Green and White Verification

Our core business

Our system is geared to offer a wide range of authentications including identity and document verification. Certificate verification is simply another way we can assist you, by doing what we do best.

Green and White Simplicity

Simple yet sophisticated

What lies behind your streamlined experience is tried-and-tested technology. With a finger on the pulse of evolving digital sciences for over a decade, our specialist team continues to advance a complex ecosystem that supports the fast and accurate process you access.

Green and White Bans

No human error

Using the latest technology in artificial intelligence and machine learning we’ve eliminated the need for human intervention.

  • No waiting around for people to do their part of the job
  • No opportunity for careless mistakes

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