Meet your legal requirements with confidence

Achieving safety and security compliance is a challenging task across industries. However, it is an essential business requirement, and failure to fulfill it accurately can result in penalization.

SCANTEK helps you to easily meet legal requirements including KYC, DVS and AML/CTF by gathering and storing data safely and securely – without compromising the user experience. 

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A complete AML/CTF check via Dow Jones

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A complete PEP check via Dow Jones

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Meeting Australian Privacy Principles (APP) including APP 1, 8,11,12

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A flexible, customisable solution to suit your business needs

Our application can be tailored to suit your compliance needs, offering varying checks including:

All these checks are then available in our secure cloud environment, as reports or via API/JSON directly to your solution.

Liveness Checks

To give you even greater certainty about your customer’s true identity, Scantek also provides the option of a Liveness Check. This helps to ensure that there has been no video spoofing and your customer is really present.

The Liveness Check will take your customer less than 10 seconds to complete. It simply requires them to follow a set of randomly determined head movements; with more than 6,000 unique combinations. This makes video spoofing all but impossible.

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