Collecting sensitive customer information is essential for Telco providers. Digital verification to store this data securely is the logical solution.

Safeguard customer data to build a trust-based relationship

There’s no way around it: telco providers need to collect personal information to set up accounts for their customers. Ensuring that this data is securely held in line with (increasingly complex) regulatory requirements is vital to protect both your client and your business from the possibility of fraud.

SCANTEK’s affordable and intelligent ID scanning system has been implemented by some of Australia’s leading telecommunications companies. It is the easiest and most effective way to add safeguard your customers information.

Introducing digital verification will provide an additional element of security, build trust with new and existing customers and improve your daily business processes.

Mobile identity Verification

Capture real-time data and customer insights

Our all-in-one solution captures information in real time, supplying your business with customer segmentation and demographic-based marketing analytics and business trends that may otherwise be impossible to notice.

User-friendly software available in a range of device options

SCANTEK is incredibly easy to use and the whole process can be completed by a customer in their own home in under 40 seconds. Our software can scan thousands of different personal identification document types including driver licenses, ID cards, and passports – so all your customer needs to do is confirm the key fields and give their consent.

We also have a range of physical ID scanners and software to assist with verification in store. Our BST kiosk is small and portable, meaning easy installation across your telco outlets. 

Scantek website and Scantek machine
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Easily meet compliance demands

Meet requirements such as KYC and AML with minimal effort

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Choose from our digital app or physical scanner

A range of device options are available to suit your business needs

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Capture marketing analytics and business trends

Intelligent inbuilt reporting to give in-depth customer insights

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