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At Scantek, we take pride in our partner-centric culture. We focus on a solid alliance with proven success to help your business exceed your customer needs. 

Many technology-enabled companies utilise our verification solutions. Our company’s strength lies in its project execution supported by experienced and skilful developers. 

We put in extra efforts to understand your existing enterprise, its background, current procedures, and the nitty-gritty of everyday business to ensure you get the utmost advantage of using Scantek technology.

We are your resource for innovative, cost-effective, Identity Verification solutions. Streamline your onboarding and operational tasks into efficient business processes that provide you with a competitive edge. 

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Existing Partners

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Document Verification Services (DVS)

We partner with Yoti to deliver Document Verification Services (DVS). This solution enables Yoti to confirm the originality of a document and ensures the legitimacy of the owner. Yoti chose Scantek’s to provide a seamless experience for their customers and ensure fraudsters are kept out.


Biometric, Document and Identity Verification solutions

Specialising in financial crime prevention, Ingenious utilises various verification solutions. Applying our identity verification technology, they have automated their ID verification process, enabling them to provide solutions that quickly and accurately confirm the authenticity of identity.

Black GD logo

Biometrics, Screening, Identity Verification and Document Verification solutions

G+D have been relied upon to deliver innovative security solutions for over 170 years. Specialists in secure payments, connectivity, and digital infrastructures, G+D turned to Scantek to provide Identity, biometric and Document Verification solution to help support their suite of services.

Black Global

Biometrics, Screening, Identity Verification and Document Verification solutions

Geared to help businesses understand and manage their fraud risk, Globale utilises Scantek to bolster its fraud and scam-related services. Scantek provides our full suite of identity verification solutions focusing on compliance, sanctions, PEP screening for AML, and KYC profiling.

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We are always on the hunt for partners who are passionate about Technology that simplifies the onboarding. 

Whether you are looking to become a referral partner, own a solution, or build one together, we can expand your verification capabilities.

As a partner of Scantek, you will gain access to the business and marketing resources you need to grow and expand your business successfully.

Leverage partner capabilities and expertise to adopt better ways of collaboration.

Leverage partner capabilities and expertise to adopt better ways of collaboration.

Opportunity to be featured across Scantek marketing channels.

Level up your team with Scantek’s onboarding experts