ISO 27001 Compliance

Securing information through organised risk management, tested procedures and continuous improvement.

How it works verify your identity

Be assured of privacy protection and information and cyber security

We use ISO standards to ensure that all information collected and stored by Scantek is thoroughly protected.

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Scantek complies with the world’s best-known industry standard for information security management: ISO/IEC 27001. Our certification means we’re using best practice to protect the verification data we collect and store for you.

Conveyancing ID checks and Identity Verify

Reduce the exposure surface of your business

As the digital age speeds up, businesses like yours collect, store and process vast amounts of sensitive digital information. The more information you accumulate, the greater your surface exposure for cyber attack.

Too often, when senior executives take a closer look at their security practices, they discover alarming vulnerabilities, like the use of email to collect sensitive data from customers.

Fortunately, it is possible to have heavy-duty information security that works: ISO provides tried-and-tested standards of practice, proven to shrink risks to your business, so that you don’t need to lose sleep at night.

ISO 27001 is the global benchmark for best practice

The International Organization for Standardization, called ISO, is recognised worldwide for its comprehensive guidelines on best practice. The set of standards called ISO27001 focuses specifically on information security and privacy protection.

Aligning with ISO standards gives our security practices credibility and means you can trust our system. We’ve been ISO-compliant in information security management since 2018 because we want you to have peace of mind that your customers’ sensitive verification data is safe with us.

Scantek is ISO 27001 certified
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3 Key ways ISO 27001 protects information

The cornerstones of ISO 27001 are known as the CIA triad. They are:

Our data remains confidential and secured against unauthorised access. Strategies include zero-trust and privileged access principles for data access.

We implement security controls like encryption and vulnerability scanning to ensure that sensitive data:

  • is not exposed to malicious tampering
  • is not corrupted through improper processing
  • is not altered by technology failures.

For over a decade, our data has remained whole and unaltered. We work hard to ensure it stays that way.

While your customer provides verification data, we ensure authorized people access it, such as for business use or customer support. You always know where your customer information is and how it’s used, accessing it anytime.

What does ISO 27001 compliance involve?

ISO gives us a security framework. We customise it to what we do, so that we do it in the best way possible. It helps shape our business processes to:

  • establish
  • organise
  • implement
  • monitor
  • maintain
  • and improve our information security management systems.

An external certifier assesses whether we meet the standards.

Our ISO 27001 certificate is proof that we do.

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Annual external audits

Our ISO 27001 certificate is the seal of approval on our management system. The certifier is ISO-authorised and independent of Scantek. To maintain a current certificate, we must satisfy all ISO standards.

Routine external audits check whether we:

  • Adhere to strict rules and processes
  • Conduct detailed risk assessments internally
  • Examine the level of threat of any assessed risks to the business and our customers
  • Fine-tune our solution to improve security

The audits confirm we’re effectively securing sensitive information like personally identifiable information, intellectual property, employee details and information entrusted to us by businesses like yours.

How Scantek uses ISO 27001 to secure your customer information

The ISO standards define guidelines for integrating security into every aspect of business: people, processes and places. We use these guidelines to develop governance policies for every level of our information management system.

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Effective risk management

We use appropriate tools to assess risk. We analyse assessment outcomes and document actions taken.

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Setting objectives

We evaluate our progress to ensure we’re staying ahead of the changing infor-mation landscape, and we update our security goals accordingly.

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Planning and building

Our security framework includes controls specific to our technology and service, to mitigate risks as we continue to build and tighten security.

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Organising steps and processes

Processes across the scope of our service are organised to select appropriate methods and controls, with responsibilities clearly outlined.

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Measuring and monitoring

We monitor and adjust security controls to align with changing risks, to ensure our safeguards are effective.

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Actions to control risks are used as foundations for innovation as we seek to contin-ually improve information security.

Benefits of choosing ID Verification

Why we opt for ISO compliance

The ISO guidelines hold us to account. They provide a healthy, ongoing chal-lenge to keep improving our service. We thrive on ISO’s rigorous assessment because we expect nothing less from our service than to provide the highest se-curity for you. We aim for privacy protection that meets or exceeds your needs and expectations.

Why our ISO compliance is important for your business

It’s not just talk.

Meeting ISO standards requires proven action and constant evaluation.

That satisfies our drive for infallible security.

It benefits your business too.

Today’s rapidly changing digital landscape means that information security risks are inevitable and variable. What’s important is that we see the risks and are equipped to tackle them.

ISO 27001’s framework requires us to define controls for tackling and eliminating risks. We’ve established processes that are continually at work to maintain your data integrity.

The ISO framework creates an organised structure for managing information. Every security process has responsibilities allocated, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Our ISO 27001 compliance gives you peace of mind that you’re not taking on unnecessary risk when you partner with us. The certificate assures you that we follow through on our processes and proves you can trust us to safeguard your business.

No business wants a data breach. Even worse are the associated fines, legal issues or headline news that tag along. Our ISO compliance ensures we’re legally hitting the mark in information protection by staying up to date with changes in information security regulations or procedures.

Our compliance keeps you far away from non-compliance fines and prevents unwanted media attention.

Solid security policies, technologies and staff training are tools that strengthen our security posture.

It’s not enough to simply have the tools. We measure and monitor the effectiveness of our system. We take action to address weaknesses. The result is that the system storing your customer data is well-guarded against cyber attacks. It can resist cyber threats, malware and ransomware, even as these scams change over time.

Why Scantek

When you digital security the right way, it’s far safer than manual methods. Hundreds of Australian businesses already trust us, because our squeaky-clean track record is over 10 years old.

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We share your load

We help you carry responsibility for protecting your customer data. If ever your business experienced a data breach, your customers’ sensitive information would remain safe with us. Since their data is in our databases, not yours, it would remain untouched by fraudulent fingers.

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Multi-tier security

Small-scale businesses often use single-tier security. This presents security risks because all information is affected if anything goes wrong. Scantek uses a multitier, cloud-based security architecture. Our agile infrastructure minimises the surface area for possible cyber attacks.

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Guided by best practice

We make no compromises when choosing our risk management and security processes. Practice guidelines must align with legal and regulatory standards for your industry and ours. Strategies must be proven effective. 

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ISO provides a globally recognised industry standard. Sticking closely to ISO guidelines means that as we grow, we don’t lose sight of responsibilities. It’s helped us build a comprehensive management system that catches every piece of information and keeps it secure.