Right to Work in Australia

If you’re a compliant employer, you know that it’s up to you to make sure that your workers are legally allowed to work in Australia. You also know that’s sometimes easier said than done. With Scantek’s automated verification, you can check a person’s right to work in minutes.

Right To Work

Visas Can Be Complex

An employee’s right to work could look different every six months, depending on their visa. Your valued employees who are not Australian citizens will have varying types of work visas. Details can differ in terms of:

  • Conditions: they may only be allowed to work for specific industries or in specific regions
  • Restrictions: they may only be permitted to work for a set number of hours, or once studies have begun.
  • Duration: they may require reassessment after a given timeframe

And, of course, non-permanent visas have expiry dates. Without timely renewal, you could find yourself with illegal workers on your team and not even realise it.

Employment Visa
Visa About To Expire

VEVO is accurate but slow

The Australian Government’s VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) system is the only authority for checking a person’s right to work. Unfortunately, it presents hoops to jump through, like permissions and registration.

But checking a worker’s right to work is essential. The last thing you need is an infringement notice or penalty fine. Company fines can climb into tens of thousands of dollars per illegal worker.

What if there was an easier way?

Scantek is an Australian Government Gateway Service Provider, which means we have direct access to government databases for document verification. We can do Right to Work checks directly from the database. Our authorised access combined with digital processes is the easier way.

Automation simplifies screening

Our system is fully digital. Once we have your job candidate’s details, no human input is needed for authentication.

Here’s how that benefits you:

We’ve combined everything into one platform that checks and manages all the verifications you need to screen a person’s right to work.

Your job candidate is guided through easy steps via the Scantek app, and results are delivered to you within minutes.

Enjoy having screening task to follow up. Our app gathers all the information you need to know about a person’s identity and corresponding work visa, so that your onboarding decision becomes straightforward.

Records of completed verifications are stored in your management portal and are protected against tampering. Search functions and filter options help you review and track data easily.

If ever it’s called for, you have a time-, date- and person-stamped audit trail proving as evidence of your due diligence in Right to Work verifications.

Scantek’s document verification accurate

How it works

Our app uses biometric data for verifying facts across all identity documents. Hundreds of micro-checks, create a tight web of scrutiny that  identifies the red flags of an illegal worker.

Free up your time to focus on other business tasks while Scantek gets on with these eight steps:

Document checks

Identifies documents scanned by your job candidate



Scantek Verify documents
Authenticates documents as genuine (or confirms they are not)
Scantek Verify passports
Checks documents are verified by relevant official sources



Expiry alerts
Alerts you to expiry dates
Automated verification in Australia
Cross-checks information between identity documents and work permits



Request more information
Asks for additional documents if there are discrepancies, like name changes
Scantek Statuses
Notifies you of the processing stage reached, and when complete



Bell and calendar example for Scantek System Alerts
Alerts you to conditions or restrictions that will need monitoring

We’ve harnessed the booming sciences of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our data scientists and engineers work hard to stay at the threshold of the latest verification technology. 

Automation is the way of the future. It speeds up operations, giving your business the competitive edge. Not only that, but our fully digital verification technology gives you.

Digital processes remove geographical barriers, so that verifications don’t rely on accessing physical locations. Confirm the right to work anywhere, any time

One platform, multiple checks

Verifying the right to work in Australia is simply an extension of what we do best: intuitive authentication.

Take advantage of other verification processes we’ve already perfected for background screening, including:

Bundle all the verifications you need into one seamless system.

Scantek Pep-identification

Why Scantek?

Green and White Simplicity

Solution focused

Innovation is what we breathe. We use your feedback to build new features tailored to your business. The modular design of our app means we can keep it as simple as one function or build an end-to-end system. If there’s a function you need or a type of verification that’s not yet part of our repertoire, we’ll develop it.
Green and White Verification


We take security of information seriously.

  • Since no data is handled by humans in the Scantek verification process, your job candidates are assured of privacy.
  • All data is stored on Australian servers, so it never leaves the country.
  • We keep up to date with best practices for information security, including certification and auditing under ISO 27001 Information Security Management.


Any questions? We’re here to provide answers. We scan and screen thousands of identity documents every year and with every completed verification our system learns. We see it as our responsibility to help you cut cleanly through expired, fake and underage application, to get to the good ones quickly. You have our support every step of the way.


Ensure your employee has a valid work visa

Scantek automates the administration of ‘Right to work’ Visa Checks and helps businesses stay compliant – all on one platform. Download our Right to work brochure to find out more.

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