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Trusted employee vaccination status information is critical to navigating the ‘new normal.’

Despite the increasing rates of COVID-19 vaccination across Australia, issues surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and the workplace remain prevalent. Especially noteworthy is the mandating of vaccines within some industries and states. For a comprehensive approach, consider Scantek’s Vaccination Certificate Verification Solution to address these concerns effectively.

State and territory governments are making public health orders requiring certain workers within specified industries to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  Accordingly, employers and workers need to comply with those applicable public health orders and ensure that staff are also complying. 

Vaccination status plays a critical role in decisions around the opening of borders and specific industries globally

If a vaccination has been mandated under a public health order, unvaccinated employees should not attend work and It is the responsibility of the employer to take reasonable steps to prevent unvaccinated workers from entering the workplace.


Prepare for future-ready safety standards

Where vaccination is compulsory, employers should ensure that they have sufficient evidence from each worker to prove that they have been vaccinated.

Vaccine check for employees

Legislative changes and audit requirements will require you to track:

  • Vaccination status for new hires
  • Dates for booster shots
  • Impacts of new strains

Don’t risk potential huge fines from people providing falsified documents

Set up Scantek instantly. It seamlessly integrates with your organisation’s systems through a single secure API, or you can use the Scantek Software Development Kit (SDK) for immersive integration with your software and business processes.

Keep your most valued assets protected

Our vaccination certificate management system makes managing the vaccination status of your employees easy.

Our solution enables organisations to:

Effortlessly and securely capture vaccination status from employees anywhere, anytime

Protect your staff and customers with anti-fraud checks to detect vaccination certificate inconsistencies

Reduce ongoing compliance overheads through automated reminders for vaccination boosters and status reporting

Meet Privacy Act requirements for the secure record keeping in line with guidance from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

Identity Verification

Make smarter future decisions

Scantek’s solution works on any device – no downloads or special hardware are required


Employer identifies the employees that need to provide their vaccination status – can be new or existing employees 
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Scantek sends a request to employees to upload their vaccination certificate – can be done remotely or in-person
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Scantek’s clever technologies remove personal health identifiers and complete a series of tampering checks
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Our easy-to-use Management Portal keeps track of vaccination status, including requests for additional information, booster reminders and audit reporting
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Scantek stores your employee’s information securely based on your policy – this can be a set period or removed when the employee leaves your organisation


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