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Scantek is the fastest, most secure solution on the market. With multiple device options, facial biometric matching technology and secure data handling, there really is no alternative when it comes to identity verification.



Venue entry verification solution
Document authentication verification app

Multiple device options

Scans can be collected on mobile phones via Android or iOS app or via web browsers.

We can even provide physical terminals if needed, for accurate scanning at your venue.

Scantek online ID verification APP
Easy scan captures

Easy scan captures

Scantek’s proprietary ML models ensure that images are captured rapidly, clearly and without glare. 

Our Document Verification models work to determine the ID type. Our system recognises thousands of different ID types, both national and international.

Accurate text extraction

Using our advanced machine learning models, the text from the scanned images are read and extracted within seconds.

There are no humans involved in this process, which means reduced risk and improved privacy compliance

Scantek text extraction
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Biometric Facial Verification

Scantek uses advanced biometric facial matching to compare the face on the identity document to the face captured during the scanning process. This functionality is necessary to prevent cases of identity theft from a stolen document.

Our technology returns a clear match confidence score, allowing you to onboard the right customers with certainty.

Liveness Checks

To give you even greater certainty about your customer’s true identity, Scantek also provides the option of a Liveness Check. This helps to ensure that there has been no video spoofing and your customer is really present.

The Liveness Check will take your customer less than 10 seconds to complete. It simply requires them to follow a set of randomly determined head movements; with more than 6,000 unique combinations. This makes video spoofing all but impossible.

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Scantek identity verification checks

Detailed authentication

Scantek can then engage Fraud Detection, Identity Verification and Compliance checks and provide you with the outcomes. The entire process from scan to results is all done in less than 40 seconds!

Scantek technology and API’s allow your business to determine which of these checks you need. If you don’t need them – they’re gone!

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