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Verify Qualifications With Confidence

Fake qualifications are still tripping up Australian businesses. Fraudsters damage business reputation, equipment or worse—they harm people.

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Scantek’s sophisticated technology guarantees a verification process that goes deep enough to expose even the most skilfully falsified education certificate.

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The temptation to fake qualification papers is real

When having a certificate means a higher chance of employment for someone who’s desperate, it’s hard to resist a fake as a quick fix.

When a worker feels they have enough experience to perform a higher paying job, but doesn’t have the required certification, the allure of fudging their qualification can be strong.

Degrees and diplomas are expensive. Not everyone can afford study time or student debt. Shortcuts are enticing.

Despite overhauls of Australian employment screening standards, fraud cases still pop up, even in high-level corporate and government positions.

Your business needs assurance that a prospective worker is properly trained to do what you employ them to do.

Fake certificates: A simple online search will reveal the lucrative market for fake qualification papers.

Fake institutions: Bogus online colleges organise degree milling, and some institutions award degrees and diplomas they’re not authorised to issue.

Inflated qualifications: Inflated qualifications: Candidates list qualifications they didn’t finish, or embellish their existing certificate, for example, they list a Cert II instead of their Cert I.

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The repercussions of being discovered with an underqualified employee are the stuff nightmares are made of. 

  • Loss of revenue through faulty work or delayed projects
  • Legal proceedings
  • Unwanted media attention
  • Wasted recruitment and training costs
  • Loss of public trust
  • Harm to innocent people

The good news is that verification of education doesn’t have to be hard.

The hassle-free way to do certificate verifications

We’ve taken on the hard work of checking credentials. Whether you’re managing an internal job transfer or recruiting externally, our automated solution sniffs out suspicious activity within minutes.

Our system is easy and accurate.

Because it’s fully digital, your onboarding process is simple and fast. What sometimes takes days when relying on people, our system takes seconds to complete.

Automated verification lightens your load by taking away:

  • the time and cost spent waiting for an authorised person to verify documents
  • the cost of manual administration
  • the need to chase documents
  • the need for face-to-face appointments

Countless institutions claim to produce graduates fit for work. It’s hard to know which ones are legitimate in Australia, never mind internationally.

Our machine-learning technology saves you endless follow-ups. It instantly alerts you to institutions that appear suspicious, locally and abroad. Continual updates ensure our process keeps up with changes.

Our technology combs through the fine details of an applicant’s education certificate so that you don’t need to worry about missing hidden clues to fraud.

Since you can rely on Scantek to flag an inconsistency, you can make onboarding decisions with confidence. In the long run, that means lower staff turnover because your employees are all the real deal.

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How it works

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We go to the source

When you only check the certificate, deception can go unnoticed. We go deeper. We verify details directly with the institution that awarded the certificate. Because we have access to global educational databases, we are able to accomplish that.

You get the detail

To authenticate an education certificate, Scantek confirms:

  • the institute is authorised to award the qualification
  • the course is valid
  • the date the candidate started
  • the date the candidate finished
  • the grade or achievement

That level of precision leaves no wiggle room for exaggerated or false qualification claims.

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Your data is secure

With the risk of current-day data breaches, we understand how important it is to protect people’s verification details. We’re already leaps ahead because:

  • we’ve removed all human handling of data.
  • your Scantek portal provides secure online storage for every verification
  • the data stays within Australian data centres

With our ISO 27001 certification, you have peace of mind that we comply with the gold standard in security for digital information.

You’re audit-ready

If you’re audited, you have a retrievable track record of your due diligence in verifying staff education certificates. And having records saves your staff from duplicating verifications by mistake.

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Why you can trust Scantek

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We breathe verification

Our core business is verifying true identities and a wide range of
documents. With multiple verification services, we’ve gotten really good at it.
In fact, we’ve become one of Australia’s most trusted providers. Verifying qualifications is just one of our quality services

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Leaders in technology

Behind the streamlined solution we’ve designed for you is a complex
technology ecosystem. We have top-notch data scientists, engineers and developers in our team. They harness artificial intelligence, biometrics and optical character recognition to eliminate human error and create the simplicity you experience.

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We protect your reputation

We make sure you’re never fooled by fraudOur thorough checks help your business comply with regulations, protect people and keep your workplace safe from imposters.

We’ve gained a reputation for how well we protect yours, by making verification easy.

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