In a risky industry, fraud prevention is vital. Secure ID verification can authenticate customer identity across online gaming and gaming venues.

Onboard customers quickly and easily - before your competitors do

When it comes to online gaming and betting, industry competition is high. Customers expect everything to be quick and easy and if your business doesn’t meet those demands – they’ll move on. That’s why your onboarding process needs to be as fast and efficient as possible if you hope to increase your customer base and revenue.

The customer onboarding experience can be a breeze with Scantek’s digital identification software. Customers can verify their identity at home (or anywhere) in just 40 seconds.

Women verifying passport IDs Onboard customers

Prevent the possibility of fraud, both online and offline

The possibility of fraud is possible for any business – but particularly for the gaming industry, where the risk of addiction is high. Digital ID verification is the safe and secure way to accurately verify your customer’s identity, securely manage personal information and reduce the likelihood of fraud affecting your business operations.

We also have a highly advanced physical scanning solution in the form of our IST/BST kiosks, popular in gaming venues such as RSL clubs across Australia

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Easily meet compliance demands

Meet requirements such as KYC and AML with minimal effort

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Onboard customers

Customers can complete the self-verification process in just 40 seconds

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Choose from digital app or a physical scanner

A range of device options are available to suit your business needs

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