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Protect your business, your reputation, your customers against ID fraud.

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Reduce Fraud
Detect Fake IDs
Know Your Customers
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Increased Staff Cost

Locations across Australia

Fast Fraud Detection

Three seconds to scan each ID. Minimal scanning time ensures customers don’t spend time waiting.

24/7 Support

Our Australian-based team is available to speak to you 24/7 to meet your customer service needs.

Fraud/Banned Network

Our secure cloud database updates continuously to prevent fraud at all your locations.  

reducing ID fraud

Intercept Fraud, Reduce Loss

Our solution speeds up Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliance providing a more efficient customer on-boarding experience.  

safe payment

Deny Fraudulent Charges

Scantek’s customer-intuitive identification scanner can assist in the collection and safeguarding of personal and sensitive customer information, ensuring that you’re reducing your fraud risks whilst meeing your legislative Privacy requirements.

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Detect Fraud, Record Trends

Scantek gives you advanced, continuously updated information allowing your business detect fradulent purchases and help you to identify purchasing and behavioural trends that may otherwise be impossible to detect. 

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Prevent Problems, Improve Your Venue

From banning people who have caused incidents in the past, preventing underage entry and ID misuse, rewarding repeat customers, setting up VIP lists or providing information to authorities, Scantek ID scanning systems are an all-in-one solution for your venue. 

Our Features

ISO Accreditation

Security is critically important to Scantek; Scantek is the only Australian ID scanning solution ISO accredited including ISO 27001: Information Security Management.

24/7 Support

Customer service is critical to our clients. Our highly skilled Australian-based customer support team is available 24/7.

Scan All Valid IDs

Our solution recognises all valid IDs in Australia, including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass, Photo Cards). We also recognise International IDs and Passports.

Fast Accurate Scanning

Scantek’s solutions take as little as 3 seconds to scan and authenticate valid IDs. Fraudulent IDs are identified and flagged to the operator immediately.

Top Fraud Detection

Our solution is always one step ahead of fraudsters. Multiple tools verify the ID is valid and alerts operators to suspicious behaviour.


Secure Private Data

Scantek has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) meeting the requirements of ISO27001:2003 protecting the confidentiality and privacy of any data collected.


Complete Checks

Each ID scanned must pass through dozens of authentication checks, ensuring the ID is valid and the customer has no previous infractions recorded.

Minimise Losses

Scantek’s ID authentication allows our customers to deny purchases, prevent fraudulent ID usage, and minimise loss through fraud.

Customisable Solutions

Scantek’s solutions meet the needs of large businesses by offering customised software, allowing you to tailor specific reporting, scanning and system integration requirements for your business.

Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour

A special report for bars, nightclubs, and pubs

How to Use ID Scanners Whitepaper

The True Cost of Retail Fraud

A white paper for retail companies

The True Cost of Retail Fraud - A Case For ID Scanners

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