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The SCANTEK app takes customers just 40 seconds to verify their ID from home and our physical scanner takes just 3-5 seconds to scan an ID.

The SCANTEK advanced facial biometric system is 100% digital so there is no need for manual handling. Our advanced learning machine updates in real time.

SCANTEK is entirely customisable and our end-to-end solutions have the ability to integrate with third party software as needed.

SCANTEK is ISO 27001 compliant. Our software meets legal requirements and compliance demands including KYC/CTF and The Privacy Act. 

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Digital Onboarding

Our fast, user-friendly software allows your customer to complete ID verification at home – all in under 40 seconds. 

Customers can choose to complete verification using our web/mobile browser or application (compatible with iOS and Android). We can even set up a text message directly to the customer with the required link, to make the process even easier.

Fraud Detection

In today’s digital environment, data protection and privacy are more important than ever. Our advanced facial biometric matching software detects fraudulent and fake IDs instantly.

Our application and web/mobile browser system requires users to conduct a quick “liveness check”, so we can ensure the ID isn’t stolen or fraudulent.

Compliance Requirements

Our system has the ability to check legal requirements such as KYC, DVS and more – so you can meet compliance demands with ease.

SCANTEK can generate reports to meet AUSTRAC requirements on demand so you can produce these throughout the year, saving the hassle at year end.

Security & Auditability 

SCANTEK is the only ISO accredited ID scanning solution in Australia, compliant with ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 and AS 4801, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of any data collected.

All data is always encrypted, in transit and at rest and we do not outsource any ID verification; data always stays inside Australia. 

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