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In an ideal world, every person would be who they say they are.

Scantek provides secure,intuitive and fully automated identity verification

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it's fast

Cut out paperwork and wait times. Get verification results in seconds.

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it's accurate

Artificial intelligence offers greater precision than the human eye.

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it's secure

Fly through thousands of verifications a day and welcome more customers.

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What's instant identity verification?

Identity verification confirms a person is who they say they are. Scantek makes it instant with digital automation.

Our artificial intelligence (AI) technology:

How Scantek helps your business

It’s simple on your end, with sophisticated technology ecosystems hard at work on our end. It’s easily integrated into your existing business systems with plug-and-play solutions.

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Navigate compliance

Meet industry compliance obligations without losing precious work hours. KYC, AUSTRAC and AML are just a few of the checks we can integrate so that you have one less step to worry about.

Every verification creates a digital footprint stored in your Scantek portal, so you get an auditable track record of your due diligence. Plus, you’ll never duplicate a verification again.

Biometrics for industry compliance
Rogue activity by identity thieves cuts into your profits, causes unnecessary stress and sinks consumer confidence. Scantek’s advanced technology exposes impersonators.

Even the most sophisticated scams can’t dodge our deep scrutiny and source checks. You’re notified of suspicious activity, documents or information, so you can build a customer base you can trust.

Cut costs and administration

Administration overheads, customer calls and database searches add financial and time costs. Our intuitive, fully digital solution eludes the cost of, while providing more accurate results than humans ever could.
liveness detection

Flexible solutions that can adapt to the fastest-changing industries

Why go digital?

Simply stated, digital verification solutions are an upgrade.

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Manual verification not only incurs higher costs, but also leaves your business open to greater security risks. Digital verification, when done the right way, is safer and offers capabilities that manual processes could never achieve.

Online work environments and remote connection obstruct in-person verification. With a digital solution, customers can complete their verifications any time, anywhere, using any device.

Email, photocopies and scans are not secure ways to send and receive sensitive information. Digital verification can be completed within the protection of layers of security like encryption and authorised access.

AI can stitch together a verification without process roadblocks. No bottlenecks are caused by piles of paper on someone’s desk. No chasing customers for details. No lost documents.

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How Scantek works

We’ve created an automated verification process that’s simple and easy to use. All your customer needs is a device with a camera. All you need is your secure Scantek portal.

Machine learning

A branch of artificial intelligence, this science uses algorithms that build on known data to make predictions.

With every new verification, our technology gains more to learn from, ensuring continuous improvement.


We are an accredited Australian Government Gateway Service Provider with direct access to their databases.

These databases allow us to cross-check documents with their source, rather than simply checking that the physical document is an original.


Data insights are gained in seconds and presented as a simple confidence percentage of identity match.

It's one of the safest and most effective forms of identity verification. Digital insights gained from millions of micro-comparisons are gained in a few seconds and presented to you as a simple confidence percentage of the identity match.

Optical character recognition

Also known as OCR or 'computer vision', this technology enables Scantek to read text on scanned document images.

Pixels are converted to data for authenticating documents like driver licences, passports or qualification certificates.

Liveness detection

To ensure that your customer is 'live' in real time, they are guided through random head and facial movements from over 6000 possible unique sequences.

Machine learning analysis exposes pre-recorded videos or fake visuals.

Data security

We are ISO 27001-certified, maintaining the gold standard in information security to shield your verification data.

Our policies, processes and controls incorporate layered security to shield your systemss and verification data. We use multi-tier, cloud-based security architecture, and all stored data is encryped.

Why Scantek

Trailblazing technology

The technology behind your streamlined solution is the reason we remain industry leaders. Ongoing research and development ensure our product improves with every new verification. Our security posture remains solid, even as the digital landscape changes.

Enduring experience

For over a decade, we’ve built verification solutions as our core business. Each success has grown the capability of our solutions, ultimately expanding our reach across multiple industries for multiple business types and sizes.

Skilled staff

We recruit the brightest talent in AI, biometrics, information security and analytics. As a result, your verification solution is built on the best-developing technology. Our focus on security remains strong as we hire and train our people.

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Ready to get started?

Today we’re a trusted provider of identity and document verification for hundreds of businesses across the Asia-Pacific region. Our identity experts are available to talk through your requirements, answer questions and set up a demo.

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