Driver Verification

Verify your customer’s identity both online or in-person to rent your fleet of cars with confidence, without the risk of fraud.

Conduct a quick, digital ID scan in just 3-5 seconds

The business of renting cars is risky for many reasons, especially in today’s digital climate, where fraudulent activity is more advanced than ever. Confirming the identity of your customers is absolutely essential to preventing business losses, and in-person, manual verification of ID documents just won’t cut it.

With Scantek, you can conduct a quick, digital ID scan in just 3-5 seconds with our intelligent BST hardware unit.

Scantek Automated Machine

Confirm customer identity with our inbuilt Liveness Check

Alternatively, your customer can substantiate their own ID document remotely using our advanced web/mobile application. With our leading technology that includes an inbuilt Liveness Check, you can be certain that your customers are who they say they are – and rent your cars with confidence.

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Easily meet compliance demands

Meet requirements such as KYC and AML with minimal effort

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Onboard customers

Customers can complete the self-verification process in just 40 seconds

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Prevent business losses resulting from fraud

Instantly detect fraudulent or fake IDs and prevent business losses

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