So You’ve Been Banned From A Venue….What Next?

security and banned patrons article by Scantek

We’ve all experienced those nights which end up being bigger than we’d first planned, with flashbacks to free-flowing drinks, bellowing laughter, embarrassing dance moves and a few stumbles here and there. Whilst the simple remedy of a good night’s sleep, some hydration and a greasy morning-after breakfast are usually enough to offset the damage, if you find yourself having been flagged as a banned patron, it may take you a bit longer to bounce back from the night before.

Since our Scantek ID scanning software is utilised throughout nightlife venues to coordinate and manage patron safety, we often get a lot of questions from banned patrons who are unsure what to do next. It’s important to note that we/Scantek do not issue bans, nor do we have the capacity to change or reverse these.

Whilst we can’t directly assist banned patrons, instead, we have put together this article to outline the steps you can take if you need to follow up a ban with the venue who put it in place.

We have also put together a list of Banned Patrons FAQs should you have a question specifically relating to our Scantek ID scanning technology.

Increasing Control For Venue Owners

Patron safety and security are high on the list for venue owners who are now putting strict new measures in place to improve their level of control over rowdy customers, with the ability to ban patrons who are not following the rules or endangering the comfort, safety and well-being of others around them.

As we explored in our article, Improving Community Safety Through Venue Entry Technology, the Queensland government are using our ID verification technology to control patrons in the Safer Nights Precinct, with the number of assaults, ambulance callouts, hospital admissions, and serious crimes all reduced since implementing the technology – so the solution is working.

Whilst this is great news for nightlife venue owners in particular, there are some occasions where a previous ban can be revisited, challenged and even reversed should the patron and venue come to an agreement. Whilst this isn’t common, it is a possibility with several ways to go about it.

Banned patrons outside nightlife venue

Banned Patrons: What To Do Next

If you find yourself on a banned patrons list, here are some suggested next steps you can take to contest a recent ban.

1. Call The Venue – Whilst this may seem an obvious step, it is often the quickest way to address the ban as the venue will have all of the information relating to your case. It may require you to speak with multiple personnel, from the Bouncer to the Door Manager, and perhaps even the General Manager, and by conducting professional and respectful follow-up, you can work towards resolving the issue and coming to a mutual agreement.

2. Message The Venue – Some venues prefer to process ban enquiries online by channelling the enquiry through their email, Facebook Page, CRM or through a contact form on their website. Research the venue and see if they have a preferred method of contact for bans, and once you’ve found this, send through a polite message asking to investigate the ban, whilst providing your contact details for follow-up and further conversation.

3. Schedule An After-Hours Visit – If you prefer discussing the ban in person, a majority of hospitality venues manage their admin tasks during the working week, so you may be able to schedule a visit outside of standard trading hours which may mean the staff are more available – it’s very important to call ahead first so you can agree a day and time to visit as you don’t want to be inflammatory by visiting the site whilst banned as this could lead to further issues or sensitivity.

4. Seek Legal Advice – If you feel you’ve been unfairly banned from a venue, you can seek the assistance of a legal professional who can advise you on the next steps should you wish to go down the legal pathway.

5. Submit A Formal Apology – In some cases, you may find that your ban is understandable given your past behaviour so it may come down to you submitting a formal apology to the venue and asking for their management team to reconsider the ban. As long as the apology is heartfelt and genuine, with an assurance of no future issues, you have an opportunity to mend the relationship and have the venue re-open its doors to you once again.

6. Find A New Favourite Spot – If it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to reverse your ban, or perhaps you feel the ban is in fact warranted, then it may be time to simply find a new local spot for the time being whilst your ban is served. In most cases, bans only last for weeks or months, in which case, you’ve got some time to find your new favourite venue. After all, we’re often spoilt for choice when it comes to hospitality options.

Further to the above recommendations, it is important to reiterate that Scantek does not issue venue bans, nor do we have the ability to change or reverse any bans that have been applied. So, we advise against contacting our Scantek team for any ban related enquiries, and instead, we recommend following the steps advice.

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Every Venue Operates Differently

One thing to remember is that each time you enter a venue, you are agreeing to abide by the venue’s guidelines of what is deemed acceptable behaviour. Venue policies are also governed by the local community laws and enforceable based on the different state legislations, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to contesting venue bans.

Consequently, the way to follow up a ban will always differ from venue to venue, so whilst the suggestions in this blog apply to most venues, you will need to exercise your own judgement when contacting a specific venue as each will handle the request differently.

As long as you process your request respectfully and professionally, there is a good chance the venue will at least hear you out before making their decision – so keep it friendly and civil.

Can Scantek Help Me With My Ban?

The short answer here is no.

Whilst Scantek scanners are increasingly becoming more widely used in nightlife venues as explored in our article The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm, we don’t have the authority to reverse or change a banned status, as the ban is unique to the venue who put it in place.

If you find yourself on a banned patron list, as mentioned previously, you’ll need to contact the venue directly for assistance in contesting or reversing this.

If you’ve been banned from one venue which uses our Scantek technology on the door, this won’t necessarily mean you’ll be barred from another venue using the same technology, however, your previous ban record will be flagged on the system once you’re scanned, so it will then be up to the door manager or bouncer to decide whether or not to grant you entry.

Have Fun, But Be Mindful

The easiest way to navigate the above challenges is to always be mindful, respectful and aware of your behaviour whilst out at public and private venues.

By having a skipper in your group who can keep an eye on your behaviour, limiting your alcoholic intake and having a positive, happy energy whenever you go out, you’ll be well on your way to a great night out without the risk of landing in hot water.

We hope this article has been of value. If you have further questions, we welcome you to browse our banned patron FAQs which will provide an insight into some of the most common questions we regularly get asked.

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