Instant Identity Verification

Scantek’s advanced ID processing and facial biometrics system is 100% digital. No manual handling, just instant updates delivering absolute trust in digital interactions.

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What we do?

Scantek will transition your business into the digital age. We provide a secure, intuitive and fully automated Instant Identity Verification and customer onboarding experience on web, iOS and Android.

Enabling trust online

Our world exists and interacts online. Scantek’s software acts as a vital gatekeeper by validating identification for customer onboarding through advanced document and identity verification.

Understanding Scantek’s ecosystem

Scantek offers a range of ID verification solutions to support Australian businesses. Our unique digital technology is constantly evolving – this is why it has been dubbed Scantek’s ecosystem.


Document Verification​


Facial Biometrics


Fraud Detection & Prevention

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Optical Character Recognition

Streamline business processes and improve your customer experience

Scantek’s ecosystem transforms customer onboarding by making the process faster and smoother. Our identity verification technology meets regulatory requirements, including KYC/AML compliance. 

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The identity verification process can be completed in seconds.

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Intuitive technology eliminates any human intervention, meaning improved accuracy.

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Advanced multi-level encryption ensures your data remains private and secure.

Who We Partner With

We work with a variety of technology-enabled companies that use our innovative, cost-effective identity verification solutions across a range of applications. Visit our Partners page for a closer look at the Australian businesses we’re currently working with.

How our Instant Identity Verification system works

Scantek’s ecosystem is a powerful platform designed for secure identity verification, efficient customer onboarding and the management of data capture.

Our software is entirely digital and incorporates artificial intelligence using a unique mix of:

Machine Learning

Our AI-driven technology evolves over time delivering an accurate picture of customer identity.

Optical character recognition

Capable of highly accurate data extraction, Scantek's ecosystem uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract important data from an ID document, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Document Verification

Using an automated approach, Scantek's ecosystem captures and extracts data of identity documents and verifies their authenticity.

Liveness Detection

Powerful biometric face recognition technology and liveness checks can verify, in real time, whether the user is real - from a live person at the point of capture or fake from a picture.

Facial Verification

State-of-the-art facial recognition technology compares a ‘live selfie’ against the scanned identification document.

Secure Data Encryption

Any data collected is encrypted securely. There is no manual handling - your customer’s personal information is always protected.


Choosing what’s right for your business

Every business requires different services. Scantek’s ecosystem can be delivered as a plug-and-play ‘off the shelf’ platform, a customer-tailored system or a physical terminal.

Plug and Play

This plug-and-play solution incorporates our proprietary identity verification modules within a carefully curated user environment for both web and mobile formats.

Customised System

Scantek’s ecosystem can also be offered as a software development kit (SDK) for full flexibility and independence. This enables complete customisation of the end-to-end identity verification and onboarding process.

Facial Biometrics
cutting-edge technology

Physical Terminals

Our digital ID verification system can be adapted to any industry. It can detect fraudulent or fake IDs which helps prevent identity theft, keep out unwanted patrons and underage entry.

Industries that trust and use Identity Verification

Banking and Finance

Provides fast and accurate confirmation of a person’s identity and is a safe way to store private information.


Scantek’s ARNECC compliant solution captures, creates and stores VOI requirements instantly, exportable into one central report.


Prevent fraud and comply with anti-money laundering regulation, while improving customer experience.


Reducing the risk of fraud and 100% secure storage of personal information.


Makes it easier to collect personal data for new customers and holds data safely in accordance with regulatory requirements.


No complicated sign-up systems. Provides simple and safe ID verification for new players.