How It Works

Scantek is the most secure and accurate ID solution on the market

Scantek is Australia’ s most safe and reliable method for identity and document verification, trusted by hundreds of businesses Australia-wide. 

Several key features have been developed over a number of years, working to make the Scantek system the very best on the market.


Our software is entirely digital; there is no need for face-to-face checks. We also never outsource our ID checks – in other words, customer data is never handled by a human. Without manual intervention, the possibility for error is reduced and the accuracy of identity checks is enhanced.

Advanced Facial Biometrics

To carry out your onboarding process quickly and easily, all your customer needs to do is take a selfie and our technology carries out an accurate facial likeness comparison to confirm their identity. This is completed with consistent biometric matching confidence.

Liveness Check

To ensure the real owner of the document is the person using the app, we conduct a Liveness Check that requires the user to complete a few random movements on the spot. This works to verify legitimacy and prevent fraud.

Advanced Machine Learning

Our system is constantly updating in real time and our talented team of developers are continuously working to add new national and international document types.

Secure data encryption

We are Information Security Management compliant. All data collected on the Scantek server is encrypted securely, in transit and at rest. As a digital system, there is no paper trail to put your customers personal information at risk.

Customer support

Whilst our system is completely user-friendly and easily integrates with existing business systems, you may have issues or queries that need solving – fast. That’s why our on-site customer service team is contactable 7 days a week.

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