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Navigating uncharted waters has become familiar to many Australian businesses. Whilst key departments such as human resources have long played strategic and influential roles in companies, their responsibilities have expanded to include new dynamics brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

They now have to focus on solving complex workforce issues, such as workplace safety for those required to be on-site and those returning to work for the first time. This has shed light on one of the most pressing issues: Vaccination Certificate Management — how employers collect and document the vaccination status of their workforces to fulfil internal or regulatory requirements.

Vaccination Certificate Management isn’t as simple as tracking vaccine status; It’s a complex set of ever-changing requirements that vary state by state, business by business. Policies change as conditions change, sometimes overnight. For instance, in the new COVID-19 variant, omicron witnessed government entities quickly slap travel restrictions, state of emergency orders, or other guidelines relevant to your governing state.

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The Need for Vaccine Management Is No Longer Looming — It’s Here

Vaccine requirements and guidance will likely be in a state of continuous change for the foreseeable future, and companies of all sizes will need to
create their workplace vaccination policy. Nationally, states have made COVID-19 vaccines compulsory for specific people, including health workers, high-risk groups, and public servants. Companies that don’t fall
into these sectors still have to consider the best course of action for their organisation.

Employers have cited several reasons for being compelled to create a vaccine policy ahead of a government mandate: the increase of vaccine availability, trying to curb a potential surge of COVID-19 variants, the need to help ensure employee and customer safety, and staying in compliance with regulations issued by the locality of their workplaces or respective industry.

Businesses need to treat vaccine management as a critical initiative in adapting to a workplace for the new world of work. That includes accounting for all that it entails: tracking vaccination status and exceptions, COVID-19 test tracking, and ensuring privacy and security of this sensitive information, to name a few.

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Better Together: Move Forward as a Partner with IT

Creating a vaccination policy is one thing. Having a system to support it — and then deploying it quickly while keeping it adaptable to changing legislation—is quite another challenge. Vaccination Certificate
Management will likely only become more ingrained as a requirement across industries. As a result, businesses will need to look at Vaccination Certificate Management solutions that enable their agility, responsiveness, and insight and become drivers.

Even amid uncertainty, businesses equipped with agile solutions can move forward with certainty that they can develop systems fit for their organisations to adapt and thrive in a changing world. Scantek has created a solution to do exactly this. Scantek’s Vaccination Certificate Management Solution has been designed to keep up with legislative changes, prevent false vaccination records, and ensure all data is captured and stored securely.

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