Scantek creates software to authenticate vaccination certificates

Scantek KYC in business operations

Certificate Verification: Scantek used its ID scanning technology to create software that can authenticate vaccination certificates.

The scantek takes jab at new opportunity.

West Perth’s Scantek adapted nightclub ID scanning expertise for COVID-19 vaccination certificate verification, demonstrating versatile tech solutions.

Scantek, a decade-old ID scanner maker for venues, expanded into software for streamlined staff onboarding solutions.

The scantek streamlines document uploads, tracks COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters, aiding efficient workforce management for clients’ employee verification.

Scantek co-founder and managing director Ches Rafferty said vaccination status had become part of the onboarding process so it made sense to add the capability to its platform.

Verifying vaccine certificates is challenging; without a central database, it’s complex to ensure authenticity, posing risks of forged documents.

“Visually, to you and me, the fake and genuine certificates will look identical, so any reasonable businessperson who was going to sight them would reasonably say they are totally valid certificates,” Mr Rafferty said.

We developed advanced technology analyzing document structure and metadata from myGov Medicare site to identify legitimate documents. It successfully detects instances of fake certificates, enhancing security.

Vaccination mandates require businesses to verify staff vaccination; fines: $20,000 for individuals, $100,000 for employers non-compliant.

The software can also monitor when workers have had their vaccines and keep track of what boosters they need to have and send text message reminders to staff.

Scantek’s competitors manually verify certificates, while Mr. Rafferty emphasizes Scantek’s advantage: analyzing metadata for accuracy.

Interview with Scantek CEO, Ches Rafferty.

By Madeleine Stephens, first published in Business News, February 15 2022.

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