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In today’s digital environment, data protection and privacy are more important than ever. A lapse in security can cost a business – not just in revenue but also in brand perception and customer trust. With fraudsters techniques becoming more advanced, it’s important not only to keep up but to stay one step ahead.

Preventative solutions and anti-fraud controls are necessary to follow successful business practices. Digitalising your identity verification process is the best way to remove the paper trail and to ensure the safety of your customer’s personal information.

Our physical scanners also work to bust fake or fraudulent ID’s. 

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Check against Govt IDMatch service to ensure ID details are real

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Secure customer data

Complete AML/CTF and PEP checks to ensure your meet your regulatory needs

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Liveness Check

This optional check helps to ensure that there has been no video spoofing and your customer is really present

Prevent all types of fraud to prevent business losses

The SCANTEK system helps to reduce the risk of all types of fraud by ensuring legitimate identity verification from the initial customer onboarding stage and securely storing their data throughout the customer journey.

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