How can Instant Identity Verification make online dating safer

Scenario: A man sees a 'match' on a dating app. They initiate introductions, exchange messages, and gradually move to an alternate social platform. The identity of these two individuals has not been verified at any point, beyond first names and photos. After a few weeks, your new bae confides in you and says they are struggling to make rent and can you help? They promise to pay you back as soon as their next paycheck comes in. You send money. The next day, they are gone. It was a fake profile.

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This is just one of many ways people are vulnerable on dating apps, not to mention other threats such as predators and account hijackers. Over the years, there have been many scams, with some con artists going as far as creating deep fake videos to support fake profiles.

When will dating app organisations realise that users need and want protection from these threats? Here’s how the correct identity verification solution can help protect their users:


Accountability is the most critical thing that identity verification brings to an online dating platform. If users have to verify their identity to register, it will discourage criminal or antisocial behaviour.

Accountability helps with three types of users that people will want to avoid:

  1. Criminals: These users specifically use dating platforms to target victims for fraud or other criminal purposes.
  2. Trolls: These users use the platform to be abusive or emotional distress to other users.
  3. Antisocials: These users start out with a genuine interest in using the platform. But soon turn innocent situations into uncomfortable ones.

Increased safety and security

If users know who’s on the other side of the screen, they will feel safer talking to or meeting with them. There have been many cases of predators using fake profiles, and identity verification will significantly reduce the chance of fraudsters or trolls utilising the platform to bring harm.

A better user experience

Enabling users to be confident in who they are talking to can be achieved through identity verification. Proving that the person at the other end of the phone is genuine reduces the likelihood of someone wasting their time on the platform, leading to increased engagement and brand trust.

Defend brand reputation

Online dating platforms should be responsible for protecting their users from harm, whether physical, emotional, or financial. For something as consequential as dating, which often leads to real-life meetings, you want to ensure that people are who they say they are.

Identity verification for online platforms: A summary

Identity verification can help genuine users feel safe and secure while ensuring the authenticity of their matches. It mitigates the risk of fake profiles and introduces accountability, ultimately dissuading fraudsters, criminals, and trolls from using the platform.

However, identity verification needs to be done right. Scantek is secure, convenient, inclusive, and respectful of user privacy.

If you’d like to know how Scantek could secure and streamline identity verification for your online platform or other social networks, book your Scantek demo here today.

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