So You’ve Been Banned From A Venue….What Next?

security and banned patrons article by Scantek

Unplanned nights often bring excessive drinks, loud laughter, embarrassing dance moves, and a few stumbles. A good night’s sleep, hydration, and a greasy morning-after breakfast usually help recover. However, if flagged as a banned patron, the bounce-back may take longer.

Since our Scantek ID scanning software is utilised throughout nightlife venues to coordinate and manage patron safety, we often get a lot of questions from banned patrons who are unsure what to do next. It’s important to note that we/Scantek do not issue bans, nor do we have the capacity to change or reverse these.

Whilst we can’t directly assist banned patrons, instead, we have put together this article to outline the steps you can take if you need to follow up a ban with the venue who put it in place.

We have also put together a list of Banned Patrons FAQs should you have a question specifically relating to our Scantek ID scanning technology.

Increasing Control For Venue Owners

Venues prioritize safety, implementing strict measures to control unruly patrons, banning those jeopardizing comfort and well-being.

As we explored in our article, Improving Community Safety Through Venue Entry Technology, the Queensland government are using our ID verification technology to control patrons in the Safer Nights Precinct, with the number of assaults, ambulance callouts, hospital admissions, and serious crimes all reduced since implementing the technology – so the solution is working.

Nightlife venue owners rejoice, bans may be challenged and reversed through patron-venue agreement, albeit uncommon.

Banned patrons outside nightlife venue

Banned Patrons: What To Do Next

If you find yourself on a banned patrons list, here are some suggested next steps you can take to contest a recent ban.

1. Call The Venue – Address the ban by contacting the venue, engaging with staff professionally, and seeking resolution through respectful communication with various personnel.

2. Message The Venue – Check venue’s ban process online. Use preferred contact method (email, Facebook, CRM, website form). Send polite inquiry with details.

3. Schedule An After-Hours Visit – Schedule a visit to discuss the ban in person. Contact venues during weekdays, arrange a suitable time, and avoid inflaming the situation.

4. Seek Legal Advice – If you feel you’ve been unfairly banned from a venue, you can seek the assistance of a legal professional who can advise you on the next steps should you wish to go down the legal pathway.

5. Submit A Formal Apology – Submit a sincere apology to the venue, acknowledging past behavior. Request the management to reconsider the ban for a chance of reconciliation.

6. Find A New Favourite Spot – If reversing a ban seems unlikely or justified, consider finding a new local spot during the ban’s duration. Use this time to discover alternative venues; choices abound in hospitality.

Further to the above recommendations, it is important to reiterate that Scantek does not issue venue bans, nor do we have the ability to change or reverse any bans that have been applied. So, we advise against contacting our Scantek team for any ban related enquiries, and instead, we recommend following the steps advice.

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Every Venue Operates Differently

Entering a venue implies adherence to its behavior guidelines, shaped by local laws. Contesting bans varies due to state legislations; no universal approach applies.

Follow-up procedures after a ban vary by venue. Use discretion when contacting specific venues, as policies differ.

As long as you process your request respectfully and professionally, there is a good chance the venue will at least hear you out before making their decision – so keep it friendly and civil.

Can Scantek Help Me With My Ban?

The short answer here is no.

Whilst Scantek scanners are increasingly becoming more widely used in nightlife venues as explored in our article The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm, we don’t have the authority to reverse or change a banned status, as the ban is unique to the venue who put it in place.

If you find yourself on a banned patron list, as mentioned previously, you’ll need to contact the venue directly for assistance in contesting or reversing this.

Banning from one Scantek venue doesn’t guarantee exclusion from others. Your ban record is flagged, leaving entry decisions to door managers. Each venue assesses entry independently upon scanning.

Have Fun, But Be Mindful

The easiest way to navigate the above challenges is to always be mindful, respectful and aware of your behaviour whilst out at public and private venues.

Stay safe on a night out with a responsible skipper, controlling alcohol, and spreading positive vibes.

For more info, explore our banned patron FAQs, addressing common questions for valuable insights and assistance.

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