The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm

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The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm

Identity Verification technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, offering venues the ability to confirm the identity of their patrons upon entry. Now, the latest innovation in ID Verification is set to hit the market, with the introduction of Scantek’s new Venue Entry ID scanner for clubs and bars.

The hand-held mobile device application offers nightlife venues a simpler solution, verifying the authenticity of patrons’ ID within seconds. Read ahead to explore how Venue Entry is revolutionising the world of ID Verification technology and how nightlife venues can implement this innovative new product to achieve a safer and more secure venue.

What is Venue Entry?

Venue Entry is a mobile-based Identity Document (ID) scanning application that operates from an Apple iPad, allowing venues to verify the identity of their patrons from anywhere at any time. The product incorporates Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning technology to guarantee a fast and accurate scan which will detect and flag any issues with the ID.

Venue Entry provides a one-stop solution, with scanning capabilities for both physical and digital identification forms, as well as automated recognition of international ID. Venues are offered the ability to create a venue ban or flag patrons for further review and are granted access to Scantek’s database of over 30,000 existing venue bans.

Why investing in improved ID verification technology is vital

Using an outdated ID Verification system decreases the efficiency of your venue’s admittance process, resulting in longer wait times for your patrons. With patrons spending longer at the door than inside enjoying your service and spending on staff wages increased to manage the lengthy admittance process, your venue’s profitability can be negatively impacted.

Additionally, an obsolete ID verification system can leave your business vulnerable to the risks that come with admitting unidentified patrons.  With Venue Entry’s innovative mobile technology, these issues are a thing of the past.

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How nightlife venues can benefit from mobile venue entry identification

Ease of Use

Operating from a hand-held mobile device, the Venue Entry application allows venue staff to conduct hassle-free Identification Verification checks from anywhere and anytime. Venue Entry combines all of the functions of basic verification systems, combined with the latest OCR and machine learning  rolled into one small device. The system will revolutionise security processes for nightlife venues, replacing bulky and immobile ID verification devices.

Real-time speed

Venue Entry users can receive real-time ID scanning results, detecting and notifying venue staff of verification issues or existing venue bans the patron may be subject to. Advanced machine learning capabilities ensures Venue Entry’s technology is constantly updating, helping the system to consistently achieve fast and accurate results. With results obtained in seconds, the venue admittance process is streamlined, and your venue can prioritise delivering excellent service to patrons already admitted instead.

Prevent entry to banned patrons

Patron bans act as a successful deterrent for antisocial behaviour, which has consequences for the experience of other patrons within your venue as well as the safety of patrons and staff. However, patron bans are only as effective as their implementation. With access to a database of over 30,000 active venue bans and the ability to create a ban or flag a patron using the application, Venue Entry makes preventing entry to problematic patrons simple.

Guaranteed security

Alongside the added security of preventing entry to banned patrons, Venue Entry’s scanning technology identifies fraudulent or fake IDs as well as patrons who are underage. These functions contribute to a safer environment within your venue, and protects your venue and its staff from fraudulent activity and the penalties that come with unknowingly serving minors.

Compatibility with all identification forms

Unlike most existing ID scanning systems, Venue Entry is compatible with all official physical and digital ID forms. The system supports scanning of all common ID forms including passports and drivers’ licenses, and even recognises and accepts international identification.

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We welcome you to request a demo of our all-new venue entry technology to experience the speed, efficiency and ease of use of this revolutionary new ID scanning solution.

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An all-new handheld ID verification solution

As a leading provider of Identify Verification systems, Scantek is trusted by nightlife venues Australia-wide. Scantek’s latest one stop solution, Venue Entry, is our most innovative product yet. Combining our existing Nightlife ID Verification features with the latest innovations in facial recognition technology in one hand-held device, Venue Entry is set to revolutionise security procedures for Australian venues.

To learn more about Venue Entry or to experience this new technology for yourself, you can either request a demo or contact the friendly team at Scantek.

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