The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm

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The ID Verification Tech Taking Nightlife Venues By Storm

Identity Verification technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, offering venues the ability to confirm the identity of their patrons upon entry. Now, the latest innovation in ID Verification is set to hit the market, with the introduction of Scantek’s new Venue Entry ID scanner for clubs and bars.

Venue Entry’s mobile app revolutionizes ID verification, ensuring quick and secure entry to nightlife venues. Explore how this innovation enhances safety, making venues safer and more secure.

What is Venue Entry?

Venue Entry: Mobile ID scanning app on iPad, powered by OCR and machine learning. Enables venues to verify patrons’ identity anytime, anywhere with fast, accurate scans and issue detection.

Venue Entry provides a one-stop solution, with scanning capabilities for both physical and digital identification forms, as well as automated recognition of international ID. Venues are offered the ability to create a venue ban or flag patrons for further review and are granted access to Scantek’s database of over 30,000 existing venue bans.

Why investing in improved ID verification technology is vital

Outdated ID verification slows venue entry, causing longer waits, increased staff costs, and reduced profitability. Upgrade for efficient admittance, enhancing patron experience and maximizing revenue potential.

Additionally, an obsolete ID verification system can leave your business vulnerable to the risks that come with admitting unidentified patrons.  With Venue Entry’s innovative mobile technology, these issues are a thing of the past.

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How nightlife venues can benefit from mobile venue entry identification

Ease of Use

Venue Entry app, on a handheld device, streamlines ID checks with OCR and machine learning. Revolutionizing nightlife security, it replaces bulky, immobile ID verification devices for hassle-free operations anytime, anywhere.

Real-time speed

Venue Entry employs real-time ID scanning, instantly notifying staff of verification issues or bans. Advanced machine learning ensures fast, accurate results, streamlining admittance for efficient and excellent service.

Prevent entry to banned patrons

Venue Entry’s database of 30,000 bans deters antisocial behavior, ensuring a safer, enjoyable experience. Effective patron bans rely on seamless implementation, facilitated by the app’s features.

Guaranteed security

Venue Entry ensures security by barring banned patrons, detecting fake IDs, and identifying underage individuals, fostering a safer environment, shielding your venue from penalties and staff from unknowingly serving minors.

Compatibility with all identification forms

Unlike most existing ID scanning systems, Venue Entry is compatible with all official physical and digital ID forms. The system supports scanning of all common ID forms including passports and drivers’ licenses, and even recognises and accepts international identification.

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Book In A Demo

Unsure of how the technology works and whether or not it would be suited to your current venue logistics?

We welcome you to request a demo of our all-new venue entry technology to experience the speed, efficiency and ease of use of this revolutionary new ID scanning solution.

Example of Scantek Venue Entry Technology

An all-new handheld ID verification solution

Scantek, a trusted Identify Verification provider, introduces Venue Entry—a revolutionary one-stop solution for Australian nightlife. Integrating Nightlife ID features with cutting-edge facial recognition, it transforms venue security procedures.

To learn more about Venue Entry or to experience this new technology for yourself, you can either request a demo or contact the friendly team at Scantek.

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