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Accurate capturing information from an identity document is only one part of a detailed verification process. Once captured, you need to make sure that you can confirm that information against its original source.

Historically this has involved completing multiple checks or rigorous searching through separate systems – which is time consuming and prone to error. With Scantek, you can now have this completed within seconds.

Our fast, user-friendly application allows your customer to complete ID verification at home (or anywhere) in as little as 40 seconds – whether that be initial customer onboarding or for re-verification at a later date.

As a digital system, this also saves the manual handling (and potential for error) involved with in-person identity verification, which can divert needed resources and attention away from core business revenue activities.


Clear ID Detected

ID Image Captured

ID Class Detected

Text Extracted

Document Result


Compliance made easy

Organisations often have multiple regulatory requirements to fulfil. 

This could involve checking that details on an ID document are real, matching to an Issuing Authority such as DVS. 

It could also mean making sure that customers have the correct visa entitlements and permissions to work or ensuring that Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements are met. 

Scantek now allows you to automate this process by pre-selecting which of these checks are required – and completing them within seconds.

DVS Checks

Check against Govt IDMatch service to ensure ID details are real

KYC Compliance

Complete AML/CTF and PEP checks to ensure your meet your regulatory needs

Visa Checks

Make sure your employee or customers visa’s meet your organisations requirements

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Extensive checks

Scantek can conduct various checks and the types of checks available is constantly growing. If you don’t see the check you need on our list below – just ask! We are adaptable and customisable to suit your needs.

Simple, clear results

The Scantek system recognises all key Australian and international ID types, so all checks are conducted and clear outputs given within a matter of seconds. This means your team can make rapid decisions to improve the customer experience.

We can also set up ongoing monitoring to ensure that your compliance needs are met. Any issues that arise are alerted to your team instantly, in real time. Alongside our advanced Facial Biometric technology and Liveness Check, you can remain confident that your customer is who they say they are and protect yourself from any potential fraudulent activity.

As with all Scantek products, these results are available in our secure cloud environment or via API/JSON directly to your solution.

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