Digital VOI For Conveyancing: A New Era

Introducing Scantek's digital VOI for conveyancing

Technology is often the catalyst for improved productivity and efficiency, and New digital solution emerges, transforming identity verification in conveyancing. Game-changer ahead!

Accelerate property transactions with our advanced technology. Ditch manual identity verification for swift digital conveyancing checks, streamlining operations and enhancing client services. Upgrade now for efficiency!

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Understanding digital verification of identity for conveyancers

Why is it important to complete verification of identity?

ARNECC regulates e-conveyancing. Conveyancers combat fraud with manual ID checks. Enter Scantek’s digital VOI tech—a new online solution for seamless, secure identity verification in conveyancing.

Find out how our Digital VOI conveyancing solution can help you save time and money, whilst also reducing your risk.

How does our digital verification of identity work?

When it comes to digital VOI in the conveyancing industry, Scantek has introduced a revolutionary new solution that has changed the game.

The exclusive technology has been built and developed in Australia to improve efficiencies for conveyancers alongside a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Biometric facial comparison enables all security checks to be fully automated, eliminating unnecessary administration load and reducing operational costs.
  • Optical character recognition which greatly improves the process of data entry and enables quick conversion of scanned documents and searchable text files (with a 90+% match rate).
  • Liveness detection technology ensures only real humans are using the platform, preventing users from submitting stolen photos, fake videos, life-like masks, or other known spoofs to fool the system.
  • Document verification services checks that simplify Know Your Customer (KYC) processes via secure automation to increase onboarding completion rates.
  • Ease of use and simplicity thanks to a customised portal with smooth access to reporting.

If you’re a conveyancer interested in seeing how this one-of-a-kind technology can benefit your operations, contact our Scantek team to see how it works firsthand!

Improving verification of identity in the conveyancing industry

The benefits of our digital VOI conveyancing solution

Scantek’s tailored VOI conveyancing solution accelerates workflows, enhances customer service, and boosts capacity, aligning with the adage ‘time is money’ in the evolving digital landscape.

  • Our digital conveyancing aligns with ARNECC, complying with ‘reasonable steps to verify identity’ standards in Australia.
  • Professional conveyancers can easily meet their compliance obligations without wasting precious work hours undertaking manual fact-checking.
  • Adaptable identity verification tech tailored for diverse Australian conveyancing workflows, addressing state-specific variations in property transactions.
  • Scantek keeps technology in-house, ensuring development and data stay in Australia, setting us apart from competitors.
  • Scantek, ISO27001 certified, adheres to global information security standards. Our practices ensure secure data storage in Australia, centralized for nine years, with easy accessibility and compliance assurance.
  • Streamline identity verification with our hassle-free solution—no queues, no paperwork. Learn more about customer benefits!

With thousands of micro-identity checks happening each second (something a human could never do) you will enjoy the speed and convenience of our fully automated digital verification system.

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Using Scantek's digital VOI conveyancing technology

Find out more about our unique VOI conveyancing technology

Scantek’s cutting-edge verification tech enhances efficiency and safety in Australian conveyancing, offering clients a seamless and reliable identity verification solution.

If you’d like to see how our innovative technology can revolutionise your business, we invite you to book a demo with our team today.

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