Tiktok ban & federal privacy risks : Curtin Radio and Ches Rafferty Interview

Tiktok ban & privacy risks

Scantek CEO Ches Rafferty discusses Tiktok ban & privacy risks security concerns with Jenny Seaton, highlighting privacy threats and the complex issues tied to China’s data regulations, posing risks for users and officials.

Rafferty clarifies the potential effects of China’s regulatory environment on TikTok, posing concerns about the platform’s adherence to strict data protection laws. The author highlights the significance of comprehending China’s compelling interest in TikTok and analyzes the possible hazards that could emerge from the platform’s vulnerability to geopolitical unrest.

The interview emphasizes how important it is to thoroughly investigate TikTok’s security procedures and the possible consequences for those in positions of power. Rafferty’s views provide a nuanced perspective on the multifaceted difficulties created by the junction of technology, privacy, and geopolitics in the context of this globally prominent social media platform.

Ches Rafferty & Jenny Seaton Tiktok ban interview.
First aired on Curtin Radio, March 28, 2023.

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