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Meet your legal requirements with on-demand reporting

As a reporting entity you must report certain transactions and suspicious matters and submit compliance reports to AUSTRAC – and other key government bodies – on a regular basis. The reporting process although essential, can be time-consuming.

SCANTEK can generate reports to meet AUSTRAC requirements on demand so you can produce these throughout the year, saving the hassle at year end.

Our customisable solution can be entirely tailored to your business needs and can include/exclude data as required.


Gain customer insights with our in-depth analytics

SCANTEK can also give you advanced, up to date information about the demographics of your customers including how they change over time.

Customer demographics can be broken down by gender, age, and location. This exportable information is displayed in an easy to understand fashion with clear graphs that allow you identify trends that may otherwise may be impossible to spot.

These tools will become essential for running your business, giving you a prolonged advantage over your competition.

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