Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Scantek Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Australia’s cybersecurity is still brimming with challenges this year. The digital landscape is being shaped by two main trends: the ongoing threat of ransomware attacks and the growing abuse of artificial intelligence (AI).

1. Ransomware Attacks Continue

Australia continues to be a top target for ransomware attacks on a global scale. Ransomware poses dangers to both essential infrastructure and mid-sized organisations. It is vital for organisations to be fully prepared and have established protocols for addressing possible attacks, including their approach to transparency and their stance on paying a ransom.

“The no-liability framework for ransomware reporting acknowledges that ransomware incidents may become widespread beyond critical infrastructure, affecting individuals and organisations of all scales,” said Sabeen Malik, Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Public Policy at Rapid7.

2. AI and Automation on the Rise

By 2024, we expect an increase in the availability of AI-powered solutions designed to identify and address potential dangers. Although these technologies provide key benefits such as enhanced threat detection and quicker response times, there are still instances where they are used for fraud. Organisations should carefully evaluate AI solutions before adopting them.

3. Increased Threats to Critical Infrastructure

There is a growing trend of cyber criminals focusing their efforts on critical infrastructure, which creates serious risks to critical services. Ransomware attacks targeting critical infrastructure can result in extensive disruption and widespread chaos. Australia must prioritise enhancing its defenses against these attacks and implementing proactive measures to protect these systems.

“The rise in these disruptive attacks highlights the potential financial gain for attackers in the event of a system shutdown, thus heightening the need to promptly pay the ransom,” added Rob Dooley, Vice President of Asia-Pacific and Japan at Rapid7.

4. Vulnerabilities in Mid-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber threats since they have limited resources and expertise. By 2024, these businesses are expected to encounter greater scrutiny from cyber attackers. Collaboration and partnerships can enhance the cyber defenses of these types of businesses, strengthening their ability to safeguard against threats.

5. Streamlining Cybersecurity Solutions

Businesses are seeking to streamline their cybersecurity systems by reducing the number of providers they engage with. Organisations can enhance their overall security and simplify their operations by implementing integrated cybersecurity solutions. This trend indicates an increasing understanding of the need for comprehensive and efficient cybersecurity strategies.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the year 2024 will bring about a rise in challenges along with potential opportunities for Australia’s cybersecurity landscape. Australia may enhance its defenses and effectively reduce cyber dangers by staying proactive, embracing the right technologies, and promoting teamwork.

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