Automation and the future of Identity Verification

Scantek: Pioneering the Future of Digital Identity Verification and Automation in Australia

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As Digital Identity Verification becomes more prevalent in Australia, businesses explore the future of identity verification automation for a frictionless Identity Management.

Scantek, an Australian software company, sets the benchmark for Digital Identity Verification, pioneering automation for right-to-work checks nationally.

With the use of technology, Scantek provides quick and safe identity verification, guaranteeing a seamless.

Scantek transforms national identity verification.



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Tailored solution for Australia’s largest organization, Australian Securities Exchange, launches nationwide today, as CEO Ches Rafferty announces the project.

Scantek’s solution enhances client’s Digital Identity Verification, eliminating geographical boundaries, enabling users to verify identity and work rights in minutes.

Scantek’s solution lowers costs, accelerates decisions, ensures legal work eligibility, marking them the first private company with groundbreaking automation.

Scantek pioneers trust in verification.

Digital Identity Verification is a huge strategic move for organisations, and the digital transformation that is now pliable across sectors is being accelerated, so users can now trust in the security of their identity and personal information.”

Scantek, in consultation with clients, developed a solution for trust and confidence. CEO Ches Rafferty provided additional insights.

Scantek emphasizes privacy, highlighting ISO 27001 accreditation, embedding it in all operations to prioritize and protect customers’ personal information.

Perth entrepreneurs Rafferty, Bamber founded Scantek, addressing fraud, evolving the ideal identity solution for Australia with their talented team.

If you want to find out more about Scantek’s Identity Verification software and discover how beneficial it can be for your business, contact Scantek today.

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