How to Prevent Venue
Incidents Without
Increasing Staff Costs

How Scantek Can Prevent Incidents Without Increasing Staff Expenses

Scantek, a leading supplier of ID scanners in Australia, provides trusted solutions, including a low-cost ID scanner, to major venues nationwide.

At Scantek, we know that venue owners want to reduce anti-social behaviour – but may need to do so with a small team. For that reason, we’ve developed a scanning solution that’s accurate, fast and simple to use. Here are just a few of the reasons why Scantek can save almost any venue both time and money.

Scantek Terminals Are Simple To Use

A problem with many other ID scanners is that they are complicated to operate. This means operators require longer – and more expensive – training to work at full capacity.

This is not the case with the Scantek. The system is designed to be both simple and fast to learn, so operators can quickly see who to let in and who to exclude. In fact, users have told us that they can train a new staff member to use a Scantek ID scanner in as little as ten minutes.

“We find it’s very easy to teach to new operators who are capable of scanning in full capacity within 10 minutes. I completely recommend the Scantek.”
Sam Hoare
Venue Manager Villa Nightclub, Western Australia

To achieve this, a straightforward colour system is employed. If red is displayed, the operator is given an explanation as to why the person needs to be excluded. Yellow means there may be a reason the person shouldn’t be allowed to enter. In this case, operators are provided with the relevant information so they can make a fast decision. Green indicates that all checks have been completed successfully and the person should be allowed access.

The simplicity of incorporating a low-cost ID scanner not only cuts down staff training expenses but also minimizes stress, crucial in error prevention.

Scantek Scans Faster Than Almost Any Other System

Our scanners are amongst the fastest on the market. Each terminal is capable of scanning an ID in just two seconds. This, compared to scanners that can take up to 20 seconds, greatly increases the number of patrons a venue can process per hour.

“We have used other ID scanning systems in the past, but were not satisfied with what they could offer or the quality of scans that they produced. To scan and display the patron’s details in 2 seconds [with Scantek] was a massive advantage to getting the clients in our venue quicker.”
Keith Noyes
Venue Manager Eatons Hill Hotel, Queensland

Another advantage of fast scanning is that venues can minimise the number of units they require. This reduces staff costs.Our scanners are amongst the fastest on the market. Each terminal is capable of scanning an ID in just two seconds. This, compared to scanners that can take up to 20 seconds, greatly increases the number of patrons a venue can process per hour.

Patrons who spend less time in queues are also less likely to be angry or frustrated upon entry, which can lead to fewer incidents. Preventing long queues also reduces pressure on operators to get patrons inside quickly – leading to fewer mistakes.

Note: the number of terminals required depends on how quickly patrons arrive at a venue. Large venues may not need multiple scanners if patrons arrive consistently over a longer period. On the other hand, smaller venues may need multiple units if all patrons arrive at the same time. Scantek’s team can help venues decide on the optimal number of terminals.

Fewer Security Staff Required

An ID scanning system, including a low-cost ID scanner, complements but doesn’t replace security staff, helping reduce the needed personnel for venue safety.

“We are a bit out of the hustle and bustle of a major city, but still get a few trouble makers come through our doors who we don’t actually want in the first place. Having the Scantek helps keep these guys out and actually surprised us by increasing the repeat patrons we are getting.”
Matt Newberry
Director of Hospitality Mon Komo Hotel and Kyko Group

The Scantek ID scanning solution performs dozens of checks automatically. When an ID is scanned, the system checks that the ID is valid, that the person isn’t underage, hasn’t been banned from the venue before and hasn’t been banned from another venue using Scantek. None of the checks can be bypassed by using an alternative ID.An ID scanning system is not a replacement for bouncers and other security staff. It can, however, reduce the quantity of security staff required to keep a venue safe for patrons.

These extensive checks have led to an instant decrease in anti-social behaviour incidents of up to 58%. This dramatic reduction in incidents means that some venues may not need as many security staff.

Images Are Recorded To Reduce Time Spent On Police Investigations

Scantek has helped managers across Australia greatly decrease anti-social incidents in their venue. When incidents do occur, however, they can lead to time-consuming and stressful police investigations. For this reason, Scantek terminals automatically record an image of each patron. Police can quickly view the appearance and clothing of a suspect, along with other details such as name and address.

“When incidents have occurred, Scantek has led to the identification and arrest of patrons who have caused trouble inside the venue. As a result, once undesirable or potentially violent people know that we have Scantek at our front door, they stay away.”
Ben Hamblin
Director of Hospitality Ginger Nightclub

Incorporating a low-cost ID scanner accelerates the identification process, enhancing the possibility of convictions and minimizing the time spent on investigations by staff and managers.

24/7 Support

We know that if something goes wrong with a scanner on a Friday night, helping a venue the following Monday isn’t good enough.

For that reason, our scanners come with 24/7 support from our Australian staff. The entire support team, including supervisors, undergo comprehensive training to fully grasp how to assist venues with their scanners.

“The support we have received from Scantek’s 24/7 hotline as well as our local Scantek representative has also gone beyond our expectations. I would recommend using a Scantek ID scanner to any venue that asks me without a doubt.”
Keith Noyes
Eatons Hill Hotel

If there is a problem with Scantek terminals or software at any time, our support team will work with the venue’s staff to quickly resolve the problem while minimising downtime.

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