How to Give Your Customers
All-Star Treatment

Reward customers for using social media

Customers are vital to your business. Without them buying products or utilizing services, the institution wouldn’t thrive. Prioritizing Customers All-Star Treatment is essential for sustained success.

Nowadays, customers have no shortage of options when it comes to bars, nightclubs, and event venues. So what’s going to make them choose your venue over another? Outstanding customer service and VIP treatment will set your venue apart from others. Check out the following tips on how to give patrons the VIP treatment and keep customers happy.

VIP treatment ideas Use customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are a simple, cost effective way to treat patrons like VIPs. Depending on the nature of your business, you can reward loyal customers with a variety of benefits.

Some easy to implement customer loyalty perks include complimentary drinks, a percentage discount off their bill, tickets/admission/discounts for future use, and countless other bonuses.

Create a VIP list

Creating a VIP guest list for your patrons is an easy way to make them feel appreciated. Add repeat customers to your VIP list to give them free entry, line skipping, or a special section of your bar, nightclub, or venue.

VIP lists mean shorter lines which means more people can be inside your venue, rather than waiting outside.

As you already know, social media has a huge impact on today’s society and businesses. Thousands of people share, tweet, and Instagram their experiences daily.

Take advantage of this free word of mouth marketing potential by offering benefits to those who talk positively about your business on social media. Offer incentives for customers who “check in” at your venue, post photos at your location, use a certain hashtag, like your venue on Facebook, or share certain posts.

Offer free upgrades

Free upgrades are an effective way to improve the customer experience of your venue, while costing you next to nothing. For years airlines have been using free upgrades to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.

Use this technique in your venue by upgrading customers’ drink and food orders, improving their seat location, or boosting their access by upgrading them to the next best tickets.

Give away freebies

Similar to free upgrades, freebies are an effective way to satisfy patrons. Depending on your venue, there are different things you can give away for free.

Bars and nightclubs can give away free samples, free drink tokens, or offer free cover. Events can give away free merchandise or marketing materials, like t-shirts, can coolers, pens, keychains, etc.

If you want to limit the financial impact of free giveaways on your venue, only offer freebies for a certain time period.

Host parties for your customers

Parties are sure to make your patrons feel important. Host customer appreciation events and offer discounts, freebies, and recognition to give patrons the VIP treatment.

If your venue has a milestone birthday, interesting event, or relevant holiday coming up, invite customers to celebrate with you.

Provide outstanding customer service

Customer service is perhaps the easiest thing that can be done to make customers feel important. Focussing on customer service can turn a great venue into an outstanding venue.

No patrons want to deal with a cranky bartender, rude servers, or mean staff members. Having poor customer service will affect your business negatively, so make sure your team is dedicated to providing a quality experience with Customers All-Star Treatment.

Improving your customer service is a free effort that will make all customers feel like VIPs.

Give no reason discounts on purchases

Random, “just because” discounts are a great way to give customers the VIP treatment. Show your customers you appreciate them by taking a percentage off their bill.

If your business sells services rather than products, give free additional services to randomly-chosen customers to make their day.

Utilise giveaways, promotions, and contests

Giveaways, promotions, and contests get patrons involved with your venue. Depending on your venue, you can try a variety of promotions, such as partnerships with relevant businesses, sponsorship from vendors, or events centred around certain products or services.

Giveaways are also easy to implement for any type of business; offer free entrance for the first 50 people, free drinks with any food purchase, free product or service from a partner business, or whatever else you think your customers would be interested in.

Since the evolution of social media, contests have become nearly effortless to run. Host a social media contest and encourage patrons to participate to win prizes.

How to implement VIP treatment ideas

Now that you have some quality ideas for creating the perfect customer experience, it’s time to learn how to apply these ideas.

Luckily, giving customers the VIP treatment doesn’t need to be difficult if you’ve got the right tools. Technologically-advanced ID scanning systems like Scantek allow you to track guests, create VIP guest lists, and provide benefits and amazing service to customers.

In addition to tracking demographic information of your patrons, Scantek will also help you group customers based on age, gender, repeat patronage, or a number of other parameters. You can then use these groups to create VIP guest lists and reward your customers accordingly with giveaways, freebies, upgrades, and more.

To discover the features and benefits of Scantek, ensuring Customers All-Star Treatment, explore Scantek’s blog today.

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