The mandatory participation sees’ the acceleration of WA’s Banned Drinkers Register.

Scantek continues supporting the reduction of anti-social behaviour within the Goldfields, the Pilbara, and the Kimberley.

Key Points:

  • Stricter laws in the Identification and verification of alcohol buyers
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to reducing alcohol-related crime
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to lowering health-related harms

Supporting positive health outcomes, The McGowan Government of Western Australia has announced their proposal to make the participation of The Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) mandatory for bottleshops in all three trial areas: the Goldfields, the Pilbara, and the Kimberley.

Minister Dr. Tony Buti spearheads WA’s liquor law, enforcing ID scans at bottle shops to penalize banned individuals. Similar to NT’s register trial, it enhances accountability, preventing unauthorized alcohol sales—a pivotal measure for public safety.

“Drink driving and violent offences are significant contributors to alcohol-related harm. This consultation is about creating avenues for people convicted of these offences to be put on the Banned Drinkers Register (BDR). Dr Buti said.

“It will also look at providing another sentencing tool for magistrates in dealing with problem drinkers that frequent our courtrooms.”

Scantek supports new laws to enhance safety in Pilbara, Kimberly, and Goldfields. Pleased to collaborate with DLGSC, we champion a decade-long commitment to creating safer environments with a no-tolerance approach.

Scantek’s Co-Founder and CEO expresses gratitude for the sustained guidance and recommendations provided by the McGowan Government. The company actively embraces this support in devising strategies to diminish the negative repercussions of alcohol consumption, aiming to safeguard the well-being of individuals, families, and communities across the board.

“The BDR project is an ongoing priority for Scantek, and we will continue to support Minister Buti; DLGSC and the McGowan Government in applying our technology and expertise to help keep the West Australian community safe”.

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