The world of retail is becoming increasingly digital and so the need to prevent retail and refund fraud is dire. Now there is a solution.

Prevent business losses resulting from retail and refund fraud

With the increasing threat of identity fraud comes a resulting increase in retail and refund fraud. For many businesses, this has resulted in lost profits and placed retailers in a difficult position, weighing off the desire to make returns as easy as possible alongside the need for protection against fraud.

Implementing our digital identification software during the purchase/return process can significantly reduce the risk of fraud by tracking unusual behavior and detecting fraudulent IDs in an instant.


Safeguard customer data to build a trust-based relationship

Our technology is 100% safe and secure, so your customer can be confident that their personal and sensitive information is being handled correctly. 

Ultimately, this will help you to increase customer loyalty whilst meeting your legislative privacy requirements.


Instantly detect fraudulent or fake IDs

Decrease the risk of identity fraud with our advanced fraud detection technology


Prevent business losses resulting from fraud

Instantly detect fraudulent or fake IDs and prevent business losses


Easily meet compliance demands

Meet legislative privacy requirements with minimal effort

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