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Why Scantek?


We offer quick, 3-5 second verification for faster customer onboarding and reduced customer wait times.


Our highly-skilled Australian-based customer support team are available 24/7.


All valid ID types in Australia are recognised including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass, Photo Cards). We also recognise International IDs and Passports.



We are the only ISO accredited ID scanning solution in Australia, compliant with ISO 27001, 9001, 14001 and AS 4801, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of any data collected.


Fraudulent IDs are identified and flagged immediately. Our secure database updates continuously to prevent fraud at all your locations.  



Scantek meets legal requirements and compliance demands including KYC/CTF and The Privacy Act. 



Each ID scanned must pass through dozens of authentication checks, ensuring the ID is valid and the customer has no previous infractions recorded.


Scantek’s ID authentication allows our customers to deny purchases, prevent fraudulent ID usage, and minimise loss through fraud.


Scantek’s solutions meet the needs of large businesses by offering customised software, allowing you to tailor specific reporting, scanning and system integration requirements for your business.


Reduce Anti-Social Behaviour

A special report for bars, nightclubs, and pubs

How to Use ID Scanners Whitepaper

The True Cost of Retail Fraud

A white paper for retail companies

The True Cost of Retail Fraud - A Case For ID Scanners

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