The mandatory participation sees’ the acceleration of WA’s Banned Drinkers Register.

Scantek continues supporting the reduction of anti-social behaviour within the Goldfields, the Pilbara, and the Kimberley.

Key Points:

  • Stricter laws in the Identification and verification of alcohol buyers
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to reducing alcohol-related crime
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to reducing anti-social behaviour
  • Enhancing solutions that contribute to lowering health-related harms

Supporting positive health outcomes, The McGowan Government of Western Australia has announced their proposal to make the participation of The Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) mandatory for bottleshops in all three trial areas: the Goldfields, the Pilbara, and the Kimberley.

Under the direction of WA minister Dr Tony Buti responsible for liquor law, the mandate requires all bottle shops to scan customer IDs to see if they are banned. Further requests include; an offence to supply alcohol to a prohibited person and an offence for the banned person to possess it. These changes will align the WA trial to the banned drinkers register in the Northern Territory. 

“Drink driving and violent offences are significant contributors to alcohol-related harm. This consultation is about creating avenues for people convicted of these offences to be put on the BDR. Dr Buti said.

“It will also look at providing another sentencing tool for magistrates in dealing with problem drinkers that frequent our courtrooms.”

Scantek believes the introduction of these new laws will enhance safety in the Pilbara, the Kimberly and the Goldfields regions and are pleased to work closely with Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) to advance the outcomes from the Banned Drinkers Register. For over a decade, Scantek has been passionate about delivering solutions that help create safer environments for everyone and welcomes this tough, no-tolerance approach.

Scantek Co-Founder and CEO said: “Scantek welcomes the continual guidance and recommendations from the McGowan Government on how to minimise the harmful impacts of alcohol consumption to individuals, families and communities.”

“The BDR project is an ongoing priority for Scantek, and we will continue to support Minister Buti; DLGSC and the McGowan Government in applying our technology and expertise to help keep the West Australian community safe”.

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