“I’m really stoked with the performance of the scanners, in particular their ease of use and speed, Additionally to that I’d like to mention you guys are one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with in terms of your customer service and remote assistance.

This for us with this type of product is paramount so I wanted to tell you that we appreciate it.”

– Ash Kollmorgen
General Manager, Home
New South Wales

“The Scantek system is great, we have had such a good response from the local police and liquor licensing to date, plus we have noticed other people coming back in that haven’t for years because of the added security.

We will push to get these Scantek scanners throughout our small region and surrounding areas.”

– Linc Phelps
Owner, The Royal Hotel

“When I opened the Park Hotel, patron safety was paramount to achieving the style of venue I wanted. From the outset we had installed an ID scanner , however it was not until we discovered the Scantek ID scanner that we felt that we had the complete package.

Scantek enabled us to communicate with other local venues as well provide us demographic feedback and therefore a greater understanding of our customer base. I highly recommend the installation of a Scantek ID scanner.”

– Nick Christou
Director, Park Hotel

“We are a bit out of the hustle and bustle of a major city, but still get a few trouble makers come through our doors who we don’t actually want in there in the first place.

Having the Scantek unit in helps keep these guys out and actually surprised on our increase in good patrons and the repeat patrons we are getting.”

– Matt Newberry
Director of Hospitality, Mon Komo Hotel

“It’s quick, easy to use, collects stats and keeps the bad guys out.

Not much more to say really except give one a whirl”.

– Patrick Donohue
General Manager, Famous Nightclub

“We only put our Scantek scanner in because of the Safe Night Out Strategy in Queensland, now that we have had this system in we really see the advantages of it.

I would recommend having a Scantek ID scanning system installed at any venue.”

– John Simpson
Director, Lost Bar and Nightclub Queensland

“Our previous system had fallen behind hence the reason we trialled the ID scanner from Scantek and have found it to be the most advanced and effective product in the market.”

– Mario Gregorio
Home House

“As a security firm we use the Scantek ID scanning system in a number of different venues. We find the system user friendly, quick and reliable.

It helps us determine unauthorised forms of ID and to also identify underage and banned persons. The team has also provided extra training to ensure seamless operation in the field.

We recommend the Scantek system to other venues who may be interested.”

– Ben Alexander
Business Development Manager, CSO, Queensland

“I think the Scantek scanners are amazing and encourage all venues (that it is appropriate for) to get them in! The service you and Scantek provide improves our industry on the whole.

I’m happy to answer questions venues have about the direct application of them from a first-hand experience as I find this is easier for them to relate to.

When I showed Jess from Stonnington the back end and how we can look things up etc she was amazed, her eyes lit up and she looked on it with a much better understanding of how venues can use it.”

– Mario Reed
Venue Manager, Operations
Trak Lounge Bar, Victoria

“Villa Nightclub uses Scantek as our scanning solutions provider and we are extremely happy with the service.

It was vitally important that we received 24/7 support, given the nature of the business and we have yet to be disappointed. The ease of the system to use hasn’t led to many necessary calls to the support team.

Small issues with the early version of the hardware/program did occur, but they were always fixed in a timely manner, with failsafe’s ensuring they never impacted on the operational capabilities during opening hours. One occasion saw a whole new scanner unit delivered with only a couple of hours’ notice late on a Saturday afternoon, much to my surprise.

So far, we haven’t had any issues whatsoever with the new interface or new hardware and find it’s very easy to teach to new operators who are capable of scanning in full capacity within 10 minutues of tutorial.

Help was given not only on the technical side of the system, but also the practical implementation and how it would have the least impact on entry time which was a large consideration for the club.

In my experience, the Scantek team have always been readily available to discuss the system and are highly motivated in evolving it further as per the business’s needs.

Several authorities including Dept Racing Gaming and Liquor, Liquor Enforcement Unit and WA Police have all commented positively on the benefits, with the general consensus being that venues with the system have lower levels of violent incidents.

I completely recommend Scantek, for both the functionality of its product and the high calibre of support offered.”

– Sam Hoare
General Manager, Boomtick
Western Australia

“We have had our Scantek ID scanner for a while now and it has played a big part in helping us reduce violence. We have now dropped off OLGR’s Violent Venue List in NSW which we are very happy about because we are proud of our hotel and enjoy our patrons having a fun time.

We would recommend the Scantek ID scanners to other venues as the more linked up together the better the system works.”

– Belinda Wear
Owner Operator, Henry Rous Hotel
New South Wales

“Terence Dowling has been an hotelier for over 40 years, having been a director of more than 20 companies that have held liquor licenses. We currently operate 4 hotels and a bottle shop in 3 states of Australia.

Newport Fremantle Pty Ltd operates The Newport Hotel a busy entertainment pub in Fremantle WA. I became involved with Scantek after our company had a bad experience with another national scanning company that had provided us with 2 machines, that were unable to provide the functions or the service that was promised.

When we were initially introduced to Ches when we were involved with the first rollout of the Scantek scanning system. We have since seen Scantek constantly updating and upgrading their scanning system to improve what was already a very functional, quick easy-to-use machine to what is continuing to evolve to a more sophisticated system.

The service we get from Scantek is exceptional. Apart from being prompt to sort out operational issues, which do not happen often, the Scantek team are always prepared to listen to our concerns and address them promptly with practical solutions.”

– Terry Dowling
Director, Newport Hotel
Western Australia

“Ace Security and Event Service manager Crowd Control for approximately 20 venues throughout Western Australia and countless events and functions. With managing so many different venues and events each venue has their own ID scanning system, so the team at ACE has used them all, but none of them come close to the quality of using the SCANTEK system.

The Scantek system outdoes any other system we have used in all aspects especially

  • How easy it is to use
  • The Speed in which you can scan patrons in
  • The Information the system can provide you
  • The functionality and accuracy of the unit
  • The convince and mobility of the units

The customer service we have received from Ches and the Scantek team has been 2nd to none, and no request no matter how big or small has always been accomplished and actioned.

We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Scantek system to anyone looking for a perfect scanning management system.”

– Adam Casella
Managing Director, Ace Security
Western Australia