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The all-new Scantek Venue Entry Solution.

Scantek Venue Entry

Fast & Secure ID Scanning
Anywhere, Anytime

Trusted by over 700 venues, it’s only natural that Scantek has become the most well-known and trusted ID scanning solution throughout Australia.

Our Solution

Scantek brings high-performance ID scanning technology
into a mobile-based solution, enabling you to accurately, compliantly capture and analyse identity data.

Our Venue Entry solution combines optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to enable the scanning of passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses and digital IDs.

Scantek Venue Entry

Fully automated and secure

Gone are the days of scrolling to find what you need – That’s so Gen Z! We save you time by automating the capture process. Simply scan the ID and let our OCR do the rest.

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You can rely on our Technology

Scantek classifies and extracts data from any document type and enables end-to-end process automation. We’ve got you covered so you can focus on what’s important

When it comes to your venue, authorising entry should be quick and easy.  Your onboarding process should be as fast and efficient as possible to increase your patron number and, ultimately, your revenue.

Scantek’s venue entry solution is native to the nightlight scene, so we understand every step required to streamline the entry process. The patron experience is touchless, and you receive accurate results in seconds.

Want to see the real-life examples of this tech in action? Take a look at how the Queensland Government is improving community safety through venue entry technology within their Safe Night Precinct here.

Designed and built to help you run smarter, not harder, our venue entry solution allows you to create, locate, review, and remove existing bans in seconds. It delivers an instant overview of every patron who has entered your venue and provides access to their information in real-time. Our intuitive interface makes obtaining and managing patrons’ information easy. Intended for non-technical users, Scantek keeps you up to date on capacity numbers throughout the night. Removing the guesswork around peak hours and the slower, easier ones enables you to resource correctly and save money.

If mobile venue entry technology is a new concept to you, browse our blog to discover how this unique ID verification technology is taking nightlife venues by storm through improved efficiencies, security and patron safety.

Our team is serious about counteracting identity theft and fraud. With our advanced technology, you’ll see why your scan results are more accurate than other products on the market. The cherry on top? It’s all done in seconds.

Our tried and tested venue entry solution delivers speed and accuracy through our software development to enable fast and accurate scanning. Compatible with every identity type, including digital IDs, Scantek is the only verification solution you need.

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Verify Digital Identity

Whether it’s a digital ID or physical ID, we make it easy for you as Scantek can quickly verify the authenticity of thousands of Identity documents.

Scantek accepts and recognises any form of verified Identity, making it easy to know who is entering your venue. We don’t favour ID types – international, domestic and even our neighbouring territories; our solutions can scan them all. 

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Venue Entry Portal

Australia's largest ID Scanning provider

With over ten years in the identity verification industry, no one comes close to the extensive banned patron list we obtain. With over 30,000 active bans, Scantek is the only venue entry solution that can help you prevent patrons from ruining your night.

Based in four out of six states in Australia, our customer support team will get you up to speed and help out where necessary. Our team offers in-depth knowledge of our solutions and provides support in troubleshooting and fixing minor issues.

Privacy and security matter

Scantek leverages the very best in Data Centre technology ensuring the safety, security and scalability of Scanteks Venue Entry Solution. Partnering with AWS, simply connect the device to our servers for easy onboarding and scanning experience.

At every step, data is securely encrypted, keeping your information secure. We’re committed to the highest standards of data security. Choose your preferred secure storage method. Whether it’s within our secure AWS infrastructure or your data environment, we’ll make sure it remains private and safe.


Discover secure client verification in seconds

If your business needs fast and accurate patron’s identity verification, Scantek’s user-friendly, secure technology is a multifaceted solution. Download our Venue Entry Brochure to find out more.

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