Physical ID

Scantek's physical kiosks are trusted by over 700 locations Australia-wide

SCANTEK is Australia’s most well-known and trusted ID scanning kiosk located at over 350 venues across Australia including Crown Casino and ALH Group.

A digital ID verification system is the best way to detect fraudulent or fake ID’s and prevent underage entry. It can help your venue to keep track of patron numbers, keep out known troublemakers and even rewarding repeat customers by setting up VIP lists.

Our physical scanner is available as a large standalone kiosk (IST), suitable for larger venues and a portable kiosk (BST), suitable for smaller patron numbers.



Suitable for self-verification at home or on the go using our digital application.



A compact, portable physical scanning unit suitable for smaller venues.



Our traditional ID scanning unit suitable for venues with large patron numbers.


Keep the troublemakers out - and your loyal customers in

Our intelligent scanner clearly flags up unwanted patrons, whether that means preventing underage entry and ID misuse or keeping out known troublemakers. With our advanced fraud detection technology, operators will be quickly alerted to suspicious behavior including previous entry attempts and information to authorities can also be provided.

We also have access to the largest ban list in Australia which we can be easily integrated into any existing software.

Our scanner tracks every person to enter your venue, so in the long term you can easily set up VIP lists, reward your loyal customers and even wish them a Happy Birthday.

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