Identification and Verification

Unlike other identification solutions, Biometric Facial Verification uses mathematical and dynamic patterns. The technology collects a set of unique biometric data of each person associated with their face and facial expression to identify, verify and/or authenticate a person. This innovative technology makes it one of the safest and most effective forms of Identity Verification.

At Scantek, we have developed a biometric solution based on facial recognition technology. Unlike other unsafe and non-reliable facial recognition solutions, Scantek uses AI algorithms and machine learning to offer total reliability while complying with the highest safety standards and the strictest regulations.

Biometric technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Today, almost unknowingly, we interact with some form of biometric technology daily. Biometrics are becoming an integral part of our day-to-day tasks and can be used to improve many facets of business operations.


Increase Security

In the online world, a face has become the fastest and most secure way of proving a person’s identity. Scantek’s biometric technology is able to verify that an individual is who they say they are and they are genuinely present (not a deepfake). This dramatically reduces the chance of fraudulent activity. Alternate security systems, like passwords, can easily be stolen or copied but the facial biometric system cannot be fooled. The system will match the facial features with a legal identity document, then ask the person to perform a liveness check.

Customer Experience

When onboarding a new customer you’ll need them to prove their identity. Often this is a two-step process which is both time consuming and not 100% secure. If the process is completed manually, this creates a potential for human error. Using Scantek’s technology will greatly improve your onboarding speed and accuracy as it takes only seconds to correctly identify a person and eliminates the need for human interaction.


Reduce Administrative & Operational Costs

Checking a customer’s identity manually or having a system that requires passwords all requires administration personnel. This may include people in your place of business or an offsite help centre assisting people to recover forgotten passwords. Scantek’s facial biometric system automates all security checks and eliminates unnecessary administration and operational costs.

Improve Audit Trails

Businesses, especially those involved in banking and finance, can use facial biometrics to improve audit trails. As a person’s identity is verified prior to a transaction, the details of that transaction, including time and place, are recorded. This removed the need for manual steps while also maintaining a compliant audit trail. Less manual intervention means faster transactions and an overall better experience for the customer.


Understanding the Facial Verification Process

Verifying someone’s identity via their biometric traits (the face) involves four key steps.

Facial Detection

The person being verified is asked to take a selfie. Scantek’s biometric technology uses 3D sensors to detect their face from the surrounding environment.

Facial Analysis

The physical characteristics of your customer’s face are analysed. These include features like the distance between eyes and ears, and width of mouth.

Conversion to Data

Your customer’s image is converted into machine readable data using highly advanced algorithms. This creates your customer’s faceprint.

Facial Match

Once your customer’s data is mapped, it can be used to match against their identity documents and databases.

Greater Security Against Fraud

Facial biometrics is one of the safest forms of identity verification. The machine learning algorithms are continually evolving, making it even more difficult for fraudsters to steal your customer’s identity.

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Selfie Authentication

Once the identity of your customer has been confirmed, they can use their face as a unique pass to access your services. Selfie authentication can be used for:

Ongoing, Accurate Fraud Detection and Prevention

Fraudsters are persistent and continue to look for opportunities to exploit businesses. That’s why Scantek offers an ongoing biometric fingerprint matching service.

Every time a new facial match is undertaken, we can also run a secure check to see if that face has already tried to sign up to your service.
If we find a match, you will be alerted to any suspicious activity (such as different identity information or an unusual location).

As with all Scantek products, these results are available in our secure cloud environment or via API/JSON directly to your solution.

These preventative solutions digitise the identity verification process and remove any chance of a paper trail or mishandling of information. This ensures the safety of your customer’s personal details.


There are a number of terms that get bundled together as meaning the same thing, like facial biometrics, facial recognition and facial verification. Facial biometrics refers specifically to identifying unique human facial characteristics. This can include distance between the eyes, length of the nose, width of the mouth. Using the facial biometric app your customers can take a selfie where their image is converted into machine-readable data. Facial verification is the process of matching an ID document with your customer’s identity in real time. The process is very simple and very quick and involves a customer taking a photo of their ID followed by a selfie. Adding Scanteks Liveness Check means you’ll always know the person in the picture is who they say they are.  

Any information received by Scantek goes through an encryption process to ensure that the data is only seen or accessed by designated people. The process uses algorithms to encrypt the data that is scanned and creates a key to decrypt the information. This process is completed in Australia and all data stored also remains in Australia.

As more people choose to do business online, the industries using Facial Biometric technology is growing. Businesses who need to safeguard their assets and ensure their customers are genuine people will benefit from using the facial biometrics app. These can include businesses involved in finance, retail, gaming, telecommunications, hospitality, conveyancing and automotive.

If you’re a business that requires your customer to prove their identity, you can either ask your customer to visit your place of work in person or adopt the technology that allows them to prove their identity from any location at any time. From a customer’s point of view, option two means less hassle, less delays and an overall better customer experience. Using the Facial Biometrics app is also much more accurate as it eliminates the chance of human error.

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