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Advanced biometric matching to confirm customer identity

Scantek uses advanced biometric facial matching to compare the face on the identity document to the face captured during the scanning process. This functionality is necessary to prevent cases of identity theft from a stolen document.

Our technology returns a clear match confidence score, allowing you to onboard the right customers with certainty.

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Liveness Checks

To give you even greater certainty about your customer’s true identity, Scantek also provides the option of a Liveness Check. This helps to ensure that there has been no video spoofing and your customer is really present.

The Liveness Check will take your customer less than 10 seconds to complete. It simply requires them to follow a set of randomly determined head movements; with more than 6,000 unique combinations. This makes video spoofing all but impossible.


DVS Checks

Check against Govt IDMatch service to ensure ID details are real


KYC Compliance

Complete AML/CTF and PEP checks to ensure your meet your regulatory needs


Visa Checks

Make sure your employee or customers visa’s meet your organisations requirements

Selfie authentication

Once the identity of your customer has been confirmed, they can use their face as a unique pass to access your services. Selfie authentication can be done via an app or via web browser for:

Facial Biometrics
Thumb Impression

Ongoing, accurate fraud detection and prevention

Fraudsters are persistent and continue to look for opportunities to exploit businesses. That’s why Scantek offers an ongoing biometric fingerprint matching service. 

Every time a new facial match is undertaken, we can also run a secure check to see if that face has already tried to sign up to your service.

If we find a match, you will be alerted to any suspicious activity (such as different identity information or an unusual location).

As with all Scantek products, these results are available in our secure cloud environment or via API/JSON directly to your solution.

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