Scantek and CV Check (CV1) partner to bring seamless Identity verification for secure customer onboarding to market.

Scantek, provider of leading Identity Verification and CV Check (CV1), a leading end‐to‐end RegTech and pre‐employment screening solution, announce partnership to deliver best in show Biometric Identity Validation solution.

Scantek, leader in Identity Verification, has been chosen to deliver automated biometric identity solution for leading Australian RegTech CV Check Limited (ASX: CV1).

Scantek and CV Check team up to enhance KYC processes by launching frictionless end-to-end identity verification. The partnership adds cutting-edge Biometric Verification technology to one of Australia’s premier workforce compliance management platforms, providing a highly secure and trusted means of customer screening and onboarding within remote settings.

The partnership will help CV Check deliver on its stated biometric plans Delivering Automated Biometric Identity Validation across CV1’s Product Suite, with its targeted launch date set for Q2 FY23. The collaboration with help further position CV Check as a market leader in the RegTech sector and bolster its monitored compliance requirements through the integration of Scantek. 

“We are thrilled with the integration of our identity verification technology in the CV Check product suite and are excited to see how our partnership results in a unique solution.” 

“We know how crucial a secure and smooth onboarding process is for users and that a trusted means of identity verification is critical. The solution enabled by this partnership reflects the core values CV Check stand for. Scantek is known for providing its customers with safe and accessible biometric services, and we are very pleased with the partnership with CV Check”.

“We are confident that CV Check’s longstanding expertise combined with Scanteks’ innovative and trusted identity verification services are a perfect fit to deliver this forward-thinking Biometric Validation.”

Scantek will help CV Check improve customer onboarding performance by providing agility, security and convenience when performing identity verification. Scantek offers reliable and real-time results, guiding the customer through a seamless identity proofing process – using Scanteks Biometric technology. Scantek will boost efficiency and streamline the user experience by seamlessly integrating into CV Check’s existing process. 

Together, these Australian companies bring a unique combination of best-in-class technologies that will allow businesses to establish someone’s true identity from anywhere in the world and bring trust to business relationships again.

For further information regarding this announcement, please contact Scantek’s Marketing Manager, Kaleigh Kingstone on 0405 777 557.

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