Scanteks application provides you with the tools you need to authenticate your customer’s identity, anywhere in real-time. .

Alleviate the inconvenience of identity verification

States across the country have mandated that settlement agents verify the identity of their clients, helping to protect Australians from fraudulent land transactions. Understanding whether or not your client can buy or sell the designated land or property is critical. However, verifying a client’s identity can be cumbersome. 

Our digital VOI solution enables you to settle conveyancing transactions seamlessly as clients no longer need to visit your office or a third-party.  It is specifically designed for the conveyancing transactions, making it easy to capture, verify and secure your client’s personal information.  You can rest assured that your client’s data is in safe hands as we are ISO 27001 Information Security Management certified.  

Identity Verification

Decrease compliance overheads

As compliance costs continue to rise, more stringent requirements are being put in place to prevent fraud and data theft. This demand is placing a strain on businesses, increasing the time and cost of compliance. But, compliance is critical to your licence to operate.

Scantek’s digital VOI solution is aligned to ARNECC’s participation rules so that you can be confident that you are protecting your client’s identity whilst staying compliant. 

As an approved Australian Government Gateway Service Provider, we check your client’s identity against relevant databases so that you can be confident that you have taken all reasonable steps to identify your clients.

Remove geographical boundaries

The rapid growth of e-conveyancing Australia-wide provides greater opportunities to service clients beyond your current geographical boundaries. e-Conveyancing is fast becoming an industry standard, providing an opportunity for a smooth and frictionless client experience. 

Using a mobile device to check a client’s identity means they can verify who they are in their own time, wherever they are in the world. Our solution securely captures, verify and stores your client information and delivers a verification report straight to you.

Identity Verification
Identity Verification

Gain greater confidence in meeting deadlines

Relying on ‘do it yourself’ VOI tools can be timely and costly. As a conveyancer, time is critical. Waiting for important documentation to arrive is frustrating, with the potential to delay your timelines. 

Our digital VOI solution means that you can settle faster. It also provides peace of mind that your client is who they say they are. Our fully-digital verification process means you can seamlessly and quickly on-board new clients whilst keeping your business secure. 


Easily meet compliance demands

Control, audibility and security through the removal of human data capture and entry


Deliver outstanding Customer Experience

Delivers smooth client experience and achieve faster verification


Prevent businesses losses resulting from fraud

Instantly detect fraudulent activity and prevent business losses

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