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Identity Verification

Gain the competitive edge

In the changing landscape of digital conveyancing, manual or non-secured verification slows your progress. But today, cutting-edge technology can refine the identity verification process to speed up your business operations.

Scantek’s digital verification system is fast, simple and accurate. In fact, it’s widely regarded as Australia’s safest and most reliable method for identity and document verification.
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Is manual identity verification holding you up?

The clock starts ticking the moment your customer engages your help with settlement. Legal implications loom within every timeframe on the property contract. When you and your customer have mile-long checklists to get through, speedy processing becomes one of the most valuable services you can offer.

How quick is your verification of identity (VOI)?

When a third party is needed for checking identity documents, you’re locked into their wait times. Their backlogs, your delays. Their service costs you in administration fees and time, and limits your flexibility in moving pre-settlement processes along.

Online identity verification gets past admin overheads, paper shuffling, appointments with Justices of the Peace, and frustrating delays. It’s a user-friendly, fast and accurate alternative to outdated, manual verification methods.

The Scantek conveyancing solution

Get the job done faster while keeping ARNECC happy. 

Quality conveyancers appreciate that VOI is an important safeguard against fraudulent land transactions. It’s a mandatory conveyancing requirement in every Australian state for good reason. 

But to manually comply with ARNECC’s ‘reasonable steps to verify identity’ your customer has many hoops to jump through. It may be the most tedious task in the sequence, and a cause for unnecessary angst. 

We’ve spent over a decade listening to businesses like yours. And we’ve built the solution you need: Protected, instant identity verification.

Steps to ID verification
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Easy compliance

Meet your compliance obligations without losing precious work hours doing fact-checking. Our verification process meets ARNECC standards, and because it’s digital, you’re guaranteed a consistent approach


Your Scantek portal automates biometric facial comparisons and organises reports for easy retrieval. Track our VOI at work in real time and use fraud indicators on reports to make confident onboarding decisions.

Why Scantek Identity Verification

document verification

Instant and accurate

With the advanced technology ecosystem we’ve created, you’ll see why your VOI results are more accurate than a person could ever be. And it’s all done in minutes.

liveness detection

Customer convenience

Your customers will love how easy it is. No face-to-face meetings. No paperwork to deliver to your office. Instead, they complete their verification anywhere, any time.

facial recognition

Protected information

Our level of information security meets the ARNECC standard of protecting information from unauthorised use, reproduction or disclosure.


Easy sign-up

Meeting compliance requirements no longer means expensive overheads. With Scantek there are no locked-in contracts or sign-up fees. It’s just $25 + GST per verification.

How Scantek works

Our VOI technology combines artificial intelligence and machine learning. Together they create an automated process that’s simple and easy to use.

All your customer needs is a device with a camera.

All you need is to log in to your customised, secure Scantek portal

Here’s how the app works for your customer

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Your customer receives an email or text to start their verification.

The app guides your customer to scan their identity documents using the camera on their device.

To check that your customer is ‘live’, the app guides them through a random series of head and facial movements. These movements are digitally compared to document photos. Machine analysis exposes pre-recorded videos or fake visuals.

That’s your customer’s part done—and they won’t ever need to re-prove their identity because you’ll have a retrievable record. 

The app then gets to work with authentications using Scantek’s direct access to several Australian and international data sources. These include: 

      • Document Verification Service (DVS)
      • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
      • Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF)
      • Visa Check (VEVO)
      • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

You receive a notification when it’s complete. 

Why use Scantek?

We make it our business to stay updated on industry-specific criteria for identity verification. We know that compliance requirements are becoming more stringent and complex to protect customers and businesses.

Compliance is easy when it’s automated

We’ve built compliance checks into the Scantek system to meet the strictest of criteria. Your compliance requirements are tailored to your industry and digitally integrated into your Scantek verification process, preventing the need for an additional step.

  • Existing compliance checks by Scantek include:
  • Know Your Customer (AUSTRAC)
  • Document Verification Services (DVS)
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF)
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
  • Right to work (Visa Checks)
  • Real world matching (IDFEX)

Once completed, your business has auditable evidence of compliance on record. We can also set up ongoing compliance monitoring for real-time alerts to issues arising.

A dependable track record

Hundreds of businesses across the Asia-Pacific region use Scantek to provide secure digital identity verification. Having assisted a wide range of industries for over a decade, we’re fast becoming known as the safest, most reliable identity verification service in Australia.

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