How To Reduce Violence &
Problems With ID Scanners

If you have been to a nightclub or bar in Australia within the past few years, you have probably noticed (and have likely had your ID checked through) ID scanners. You may have also noticed another thing, or more accurately, an absence of one thing: violence.

ID scanners have grown in recent years to have a huge presence in the entertainment industry, especially in bars, pubs, nightclubs, and at events. But what do ID scanners do? In addition to reducing the time bar and club-goers spend in line, ID scanners also reduce violence and eliminate a variety of problems.

This article investigates the problems that can be eliminated by using photo ID scanners.

Problems Eliminated With ID Scanners

ID scanners offer a plethora of benefits; eliminating problems in bars, nightclubs, and other venues is what they do best.

ID Scanners Eliminate ID Abuse

IDs can be misused in a number of ways. The abuse of IDs through the use of fake IDs, shared IDs, and expired or invalid IDs is common. ID scanners eradicate ID abuse in venues by detecting false, expired, and misused identification and alerting door staff so the ID abusers are denied entry.

ID Scanners Catch Underage Patrons

As fake ID technology advances, it can be harder and harder to recognise illegitimate IDs. Luckily, ID scan technology is also advanced and will recognise underage patrons before they enter the venue.

ID scanning systems use a variety of techniques including facial recognition software and question prompts to recognise underage patrons and eliminate them from entering.

ID Scanners Reduce Problem Causing Patrons

ID scanner systems allow you to recognise and identify troublemakers. Based on photos and information recorded in scans, you can sort patrons by name, gender, age range, entry time, and even by the colour of their top.

Scanning systems allow operators to ban problem causing patrons from venues of any size. If troublemakers try to re-enter, the system will notify the operator, presenting the reasons for their ban. Venue management can also be contacted with an alert if a banned patron tries to enter the venue.

Keeping troublemakers out of clubs and pubs lets everyone have a safer, more fun time. For the past year, ID scanners have been used in Kings Cross, NSW and have seen overwhelmingly positive results. Within a year, over 200 violent offenders were banned from venues, causing safer venues for all.

ID Scanners Eliminate Licensing Issues

One of the largest, most important benefits of ID scanners is their assistance in eradicating licensing issues. By keeping underage individuals and troublemakers out of venues that serve alcohol, venues can be confident that they won’t encounter any licensing issues.

The fine for underage consumption of alcohol in licensed venues is $2,000 in Western Australia, up to $7,000 in Victoria, and fines vary in other states. It’s important to strictly follow alcohol laws in Australia to avoid loss of license and expensive venue fines.

ID scanners help venues follow these laws, and improve venue reputation with police and authorities.

ID Scanners Decrease Overconsumption of Alcohol

Overconsumption of alcohol can be a huge problem for venues. This unsafe habit often occurs in bars and nightclubs and contributes to an unsafe atmosphere for patrons and staff.

ID scanners allow venue staff to track patrons and remove overly-intoxicated people from the premises. High-tech ID scanners like Scantek even give operators the option to track customers who purchase full-strength alcohol, so security staff can make sure everyone remains safe.

ID Scanners Stop Customers From Feeling Unsafe

In a recent study, 2/3 of patrons considered ID scanners to be an effective method of improving venue safety. When customers feel more safe, they are more likely to enjoy themselves more, therefore spending more time and money in your venue.

Eliminating violence and reducing conflict in venues is a big task, but ID scanners reduce the work required. If you’d like to learn more about ID scanners and their benefits, check out Scantek’s blog.

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