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How Quickly Can A Patron Be Scanned By a Scantek Unit?

A scan will take approximately two seconds from inserting the person’s ID into the Scantek unit. Other scanning solutions can take between 10 and 20 seconds.

By using line control techniques and making patrons aware that they will have to present their identification on entry using Scantek is no slower than having security staff manually check patron’s identification properly.

My Current Scanning Solution Doesn't Provide A Reliable Image or Patron Data, Does Scantek?

Yes. Right after the patron’s identification has been scanned the security staff are displayed the information, the scanned image and the photo that was taken of the patron.

This ensures that each scan is readable later and no longer will you have to go through a night’s worth of scans only to find the patron’s identification was not properly scanned.

Can I See Scantek In Use?

We’d be more than happy to arrange an obligation free meeting to show you Scantek in person and go over the benefits a Scantek system can bring you, please call us on 1300 552 106 or contact us to arrange a time. Until then you can see Scantek in use by viewing this video.

My Current Scanning Solution Doesn't Provide A Simple Search Function, Does Scantek?

Absolutely. Using Scantek Manager’s Interface approved staff can securely perform a simple but effective search to find a patron using a combination of different factors such as name, sex, age range, time of entry and type of ID or by viewing entry photographs.

I Have A Small Entrance, Where Can I Install Scantek?

The Scantek unit itself is very adaptable and there are a range of different options for installing Scantek at your venue. The Scantek unit has wall and stand mounts built in various positions giving you the freedom to choose.

The Scantek unit can even be built into a desktop or counter if necessary. On average a completely self contained unit is 40Wx60Hx25D cm in size.

How Many Scantek Units Will I Need?

This is dependant upon how quickly patrons arrive at your venue rather than how many patron’s you generally receive.

Some venues who scan large numbers of patrons only have one unit since they all arrive at different times, some venues who scan fewer patrons have a couple of units since all their patron’s arrive around the same time. We will work with your venue to determine the appropriate number of Scantek units.

Do I Need To Cable My Venue To Use Scantek?

No. Scantek can operate on a stand alone basis however this is dependant upon the venue and number of units required.

Scantek terminals only require power to function. We will be able to inform you of the best way to use the Scantek unit at an obligation free meeting.

I Will Need Multiple Units, Can They Be Networked To Prevent Repeat Entry Attempts?

Yes, if a patron enters on one terminal and then reenters using a different terminal the operator will be shown the entry picture that was taken earlier in the night to confirm that it is the same person entering.

This is also the case when two patrons try to use the same piece of ID, or the patrons try to use a different pieces of the same persons identification. For example Jeff uses his own drivers licence and Steve uses Jeff’s proof of age card.

In this case, the last photo taken of Jeff would be displayed next to the photo you have just taken of Steve with a probable ID misuse message easily identifying this fraudulent attempt at entry.

What Is The Time Frame For Delivery and Installation?

Once all details have been sorted out generally with in a few days, this is dependant upon supply however and we’ll let you know if it will be any different.

What Hardware and Software Does Scantek Use?

Scantek uses Intel i Series processors for as fast as possible scans.

Scantek’s software is custom designed and built in house using industry proven techniques.

What are Scantek's Policies?

For up to information on Scantek’s policies please see Our Commitment.

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