Digitising Conveyancing Identity Checks At Property Settlement

Conveyancing identity checks with Scantek's digital VOI technology

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a property, it’s also time to prepare for the series of conveyancing identity checks and a pile of paperwork ahead of settlement, one of these being a land title verification of identity form.

Conveyancing has long been recognised as a mandatory step in the property acquisition and settlement process. Defined as the legal transfer of property/land ownership from one person or entity to another, an essential part of conveyancing is the verification of identity (VOI) for both parties.

The Importance Of Conveyancing Identity Checks

It is a well known fact that conveyancing identity checks are an important safeguard against fraudulent land transactions and are a mandatory requirement across Australia. Since new legislation was launched in 2018 spelling an end to the paper-based settlement process, Australia’s key real estate markets have fully transitioned to a digital settlement process with electronic conveyancing (e-conveyancing).

A new era of digital conveyancing ID checks

Digitising the land title verification of identity form

The last thing you need during your property settlement is to waste time going back and forth between offices, standing in queues at Australia Post during your lunch break, and photocopying endless documents, just for a conveyancing identity check!

As an end-user, you can reduce your stress by choosing a settlement agent with a digital VOI conveyancing solution, where you’ll be able to use your smartphone or web browser to conveniently complete your land title verification of identity form at a time and place that suits you.

Digital VOI for conveyancers – a Scantek solution

Throughout the years, Scantek has been working closely with conveyancers to improve efficiencies within an industry that has been typically dominated by paper-based processes.

It is here where Scantek saw an opportunity to introduce their digital VOI solution for conveyancers to streamline these processes from manual to digital.

The all-new Scantek solution celebrates an improved user-friendly approach with a faster and more accurate digital conveyancing process, which bypasses the frustrating delays often associated with manual verification methods.

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Digital VOI for conveyancers – a Scantek solution

The benefits of Scantek’s digital verification solution

Our conveyancing identity verification technology combines artificial intelligence with machine learning, to create a simplified, automated process that is easy to use.

Some benefits for customers/end-users include:

  • No manual intervention, with all verification completed digitally from the comfort of your home or office.
  • The cloud-based platform allows verified users to access it anytime, anywhere.
  • Powerful, seamless integration.
  • Forget scanners and printers, you just need a device with access to a camera, which enables you to complete all aspects of the digital verification process.

There are no geographical boundaries, limitations, or excuses when it comes to using our conveyancing VOI solution – all you need is a device with a camera!

What you need to verify your identity with Scantek’s VOI solution

To complete conveyancing identity checks, our technology will screen Australian and international government-issued identity documents. Examples of the forms of identification verification requirements and documents to complete your land title verification of identity form may include:

  • Passport
  • Australian drivers’ licence
  • Proof of age card
  • Immicard
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Registration by descent certificate
  • Medicare card
  • Centrelink card
  • Department of Veteran’s affairs card
  • Change of name or marriage certificate
  • Or any form of government issued identity document

The biggest benefit of asking your conveyancer for digital VOI

You will love how easy our electronic conveyancing identity checks are. With no face-to-face meetings, no wasting the limited time you have (by standing in queues or delivering paperwork to offices that may not be convenient to you), you can complete your identity verification of identity form at a time and place that suits you.

Think about it – when a third party is needed to check conveyancing identity verified documents, you’re confined into their wait times and business hours. Their backlog ends up being your delay in moving the pre-settlement processes along.

Ask your conveyancer to choose our land title verification of identity VOI technology and save you valuable time. Share this link with them today: https://scantek.com/industries/conveyancing/


Completing the land title verification of identity form online

Find out more about a new era of digital safeguarding

Scantek’s digital verification technology is fast, simple and accurate, with our platform widely regarded as Australia’s safest and most reliable method for identity and document verification.

By choosing a conveyancer that offers a user-friendly, fast and accurate alternative to outdated, manual identity verification methods, you choose convenience for your conveyancing identity check, and a faster settlement process!

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