ID Scanner Solutions to Improve Customer Trust

Protect your business from ID fraud, loss of trust and compromised reputation both for customers and investors.

Are Your Customers Losing Trust in Your Business?

When a retailer fails to protect their customers from identity theft or retail fraud, they significantly compromise the trust of their customers. Once trust has been violated, customers are unlikely to return, and they will tell others about their experience increasingly in the public arena. The following case, for example, has been seen by millions of people around the world.

John Harrison, a salesman, was horrified to discover that someone had stolen his identity and then gone on a shopping spree that included purchasing two cars and two motorcycles.

Even after the perpetrator had been arrested, John still found himself owing $140,000 to creditors. The process of trying to recover his credit alone took months, if not years. As you can imagine, the retailers’ failure to detect the fake ID significantly compromised John’s trust in those retailers.

Many victims of identity fraud report spending months, or even years trying to repair the damage done. They find themselves haunted by purchases they didn’t make and by a constantly assaulted credit rating. Many have described the experience as a “living nightmare”.

The Australian Crime Commission reports:

Identity crime has considerable social and financial implications for the Australian community.

Serious Financial Crime in Australia 2017 Report

Individuals whose identities are stolen and used to facilitate criminal offences expend considerable time and effort restoring personal profiles, including re-establishing financial arrangements and amending credit profiles.

By failing to detect fake and ID fraud, retailers significantly compromise the trust of their customers, increasing risks of lower sales and revenue, as well as a severely compromised reputation both for customers and investors.

The Solution: Identity Scanners

If you haven’t been already, it’s just a matter of time before your business is targeted by criminals for retail fraud.

Are you prepared to fight back?

Do you have the necessary protections in place to keep your customers safe and keep your reputation intact?

Scantek is here to help. It’s the ideal solution for avoiding an identity fraud problem.

Our Features


Fast, Accurate Scanning

Scantek has been designed from the ground up to be both the fastest and the most accurate scanning system available on the Australian market.

Scan All Valid IDs

Scantek can recognise and read all acceptable forms of IDs in Australia, including Drivers Licences, Proof of Age Cards (including 18+, Keypass, Photo Cards) and Passports, both Australian and International.

Maintains Customer Trust

Scantek allows you to avoid errors and mishaps associated with identity fraud in retail. Boost your business’s credibility  and your bottom line with decreased incidents and fewer legitimate purchases. Scantek offers a valid scan everytime and compares results with our cloud-based online database.

Leading Fraud Detection

Scantek features advanced fraud detection which will alert operators to any suspicious or devious behaviour from users.


Suits Your Location

Scantek is an option based system that allows you to choose what features you want access to. Everything from acceptable identification types to expired identification policies can be tailored to suit your location.

Exclude Users

Scantek allows operators to flag users for management to review and can be researched further and dismissed or actioned if deemed appropriate. Unlike some other systems, Scantek ensures that a patron can not get around their exclusion by simply using another form of identification.

Easy to Use

Scantek has been designed with simplicity in mind, with an uncomplicated interface and without meaningless buttons to repeatedly press to scan an ID.

24/7 Australian Support

Someone from Scantek is available on the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t outsource our support offshore like other companies, and you call us anytime on 1300 552 106, and someone will answer the phone.


Privacy and Security

Privacy and data security are paramount at Scantek. Users’ Scanned information can only be accessed by specified accounts with the highest level of access to the secure Scantek Cloud Interface. Activities of those accounts accessing information are also logged for review if necessary.

Businesses who fail to protect the privacy and identity of their customers inevitably damage their reputations and in turn their market value.

As previously mentioned, few things cause more stress to consumers than illegal purchases under their names. These consumers spend endless hours trying to salvage their credit ratings, bank accounts and sanity.

They never do business with that retailer again, and they tell their friends about the experience. And, many times, they end up in the news.

As Amy Krebs told Forbes after having her identity stolen:

When you are a victim of identity theft, you are put in the position of having to prove who you are to a greater extent than the criminal had to get goods and services. You’re treated like you’re trying to get out of paying for something.

Failing to protect the identity of consumers is a fatal mistake for retailers, resulting in violated trust, a damaged reputation, a falling share price and, often, a loss of shareholder confidence.